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Graduate Studies Calendar 2012-2013 Fees and Expenses Program-Specific Fees
Program-Specific Fees

In addition to the program-specific fees listed below, courses offered off-campus or through distance delivery methods may have tuition charges that differ from the normal tuition policy.

  Canadian/Permanent Resident International
Executive MBA (per 8 month year) $27,880.72 $27,880.72
Executive MBA (Global Energy) $105,000.00 $105,000.00
Graduate Programs in Education    
EdD Online    
Year 1 - 4 (per 12 month year) Program Fee $11,109.66 $14,396.59
Continuing (per 12 month year, yrs 5+) $4,000.86 $5,181.98
Distance Certificate + Diploma Annual Program Fee $1,199.40 $1,199.40
Distance M.Ed Annual Program Fee (yrs 4+) $1,199.40 $1,199.40
Distance 1 half course (3 units) $1,199.40 $1,199.40
Master of Education – Educational Psychology    
Continuing Fees on 4th year onward at anniversary $1,152.15  
Master of Counselling (Distance Delivery)    
Annual Program Fee $1,562.40  N/A
1 half course (3 units) $1,199.40  N/A

Post Bachelor’s Diploma – Educational Psychology

One-time fee on admit term $482.56   
Master of Disability and Community Studies    
Community Rehabilitation per half course $1,199.40  
Master of Architecture    
Foundation Year (Fall + Winter term) $5,332.80 $12,105.00
Program Annual Fee


Master of Public Policy    
Program Full-Time Annual Fee $20,290.00 $30,435.00
Program Part-Time Annual Fee $10,145.00 $15,217.50
MPP Half-Course Fee (For students not in MPP program) $1,600.00 $2,400.00
MSC in Sustainable Energy Development    
SEDV (per Course) $1,765.23 $2,765.23
Faculty of Law    
Undergraduate (per half course) $1,016.07 $2,251.38
Graduate Level (700+) $707.70 $1,606.56
Environmental Design
Continuing students registered pre-2009
Program Fee (up to and including the fifth term of registration) $2,769.05 $6,285.08
Continuing Fees – after the fifth term of registration $805.61 $1,828.36

For additional information on fees and payment plans please see: http://grad.ucalgary.ca/current/tuition.