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Graduate Studies Calendar 2012-2013 Fees and Expenses
Fees and Expenses

All graduate students pay both general and tuition fees each year. The tuition fees listed below are effective 1 May 2012 to 30 April 2013, and are subject to change without notice.

Tuition Fees

All students are assessed tuition fees. Tuition and general fees must be paid no later than the deadline date indicated for the annual registration month. For information on how to pay your fees, please visit the Enrolment Services website at http://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar/payment.

Thesis-based students: All students in the first year of a thesis-based degree (Master's or doctoral) program are assessed program fees.

All students in a Doctor of Philosophy degree are assessed program fees until the term immediately following successful completion of a candidacy exam (Spring/Summer are counted as one term). In all subsequent years, students will be assessed continuing fees. All program and continuing fees are pro-rated over four terms: one-third in Fall, one-third in Winter, one-sixth in Spring and one-sixth in Summer as posted on the FGS website at: http://grad.ucalgary.ca/current/tuition.

Tuition Canadian and Permanent Residents

International Students

Program Fee for PhD and Masters (except MBA) $5,538.12


MBA Thesis $11,349.60


Continuing Fees $1,611.30


Visiting Students who take courses are assessed general fees and tuition fees on a per course basis. Visiting students who are doing research but are not taking courses are assessed part-time general fees and a tuition fee equivalent to one graduate half course.

Course-based students: Students in most course-based Master's programs pay tuition fees on a per course basis, in the first and in subsequent years. At the time of annual registration, each student is assessed a registration deposit equivalent to the fee for a graduate half-course, whether or not the student has registered in a course. This registration deposit is required to maintain registration in the student's program and is non-refundable. However, the fee is credited to the first course the student takes in the registration year.

Course-based Tuition 

Canadian/Permanent Residents

International Students
Graduate Half-Course Fee (except MBA)


Graduate Full-Course Fee (except MBA) $1,415.40 $3,213.12
MBA Half-Course Fee – Total without market modifier**


MBA Half-Course Fee – Total with market modifier**
$1,607.07 $2,852.28

Students in course-based programs who audit courses pay half of the above fees.

**The Government approved market modifier for the MBA program was implemented in Fall of 2011 with MBA students admitted in or after Fall 2011 being assessed the higher of the fees as noted above. Students who are enrolled in a program other than MBA taking MBA courses offered by the Haskayne School of Business will be assessed the MBA Half-Course fee differential with market modifier beginning Fall 2011 regardless of year in program.