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P.1.15.6 UPass (Universal Bus Pass)

As part of their annual election process in 2002, the Students' Union and Graduate Students' Association held referenda asking whether their members supported the introduction of the compulsory UPass program for all full-time students. The UPass proposal would require that each full-time student (undergraduate and graduate) attending the University of Calgary be assessed a compulsory fee for each term (Fall, Winter, and Summer). In return, each assessed student would be entitled to a special transit pass that allowed them full access to available transit services during that period of time. The program began September 1, 2002. The Spring/Summer UPass was introduced for full-time students in 2012.

More information can be found at:

The 2016/17 rate is $130.00 per term.

Eligibility for the UPass

Full-time Students

To be eligible you must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student and be registered in three courses for the Fall or Winter Terms or two courses for the Summer Term (including Spring Intersession).

Students who are issued the UPass when their status is full-time and subsequently reduce their class load to part-time are no longer considered eligible to have the sticker or use the UPass program. You are required to return this sticker to the Campus Ticket Centre within 7 days of the status change. Students that change their status from part-time to full-time must wait 48 hours for the change to appear in the system before they can get a UPass.

Co-operative Education and Internship Students

Co-operative education and internship students who are on work terms are not automatically assessed the UPass fee, but are eligible to have the fee added for the session(s) as an active co-operative education student (Fall, Winter or Summer). To do so, make sure you are registered as a Co-operative Education/Internship student; contact Enrolment Services to have the UPass fee added to your student account and after the system is updated (1-2 days), the UPass sticker may be picked up at the Campus Ticket Centre. If you are registered in a course at the University of Calgary while you are on a work term, you will automatically be assessed the compulsory UPass fee and can pick up a UPass.