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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 Undergraduate Admissions A.2 Undergraduate Admission
A.2 Undergraduate Admission

Applicants must meet the minimum standards indicated in this Calendar. Applicants seeking admission to the Faculties of Environmental Design, Graduate Studies, Law, Cumming School of Medicine (MD program), and Veterinary Medicine are advised to contact these Faculties directly for admission procedures.

All applicants must satisfy the undergraduate admission requirements and faculty specific admission requirements. Admission to all programs at the University of Calgary is competitive. The admission average required to secure an offer of admission will be determined once the qualifications of the applicant pool have been assessed for each faculty/program; therefore, meeting the minimum admission requirement does not guarantee admission. While every attempt will be made to accept all qualified applicants to the University of Calgary, enrolment will be limited to the number of students that can be accommodated by the resources available to maintain an acceptable quality of education.

1. High School Admission Average: will be calculated using the five approved courses required for admission by the selected faculty (see Section A.5 or visit The University will determine the equivalent for applicants whose courses were completed outside of the Alberta secondary school system.

2. Transfer Admission GPA: will be calculated using the most recent course work to a maximum of 30 units (University of Calgary courses and/or transferable courses taken at other institutions), unless otherwise specified by the Faculty. Early conditional offers may be made using fewer than 30 units in the admission GPA calculation. All courses attempted within a term will be included except where the number of courses taken within a term exceeds 30 units. Should this occur the highest grades will be used. In some faculties prerequisite courses will be included first. Grades in high school equivalent courses offered by post-secondary institutions will not be used in determining the Transfer Admission GPA.

The following chart details when the High School Average or Transfer Admission GPA will be used.

Student Status High School Average Transfer Admission GPA
Applicant has only completed high school courses Considered Not applicable
Fewer than 18 units completed Considered Not considered
18 or more units completed* (most programs) Not considered however required high school courses (or equivalents) must be successfully completed

*Students who have completed a minimum of 12 units may be considered for conditional admission provided they are registered in, and complete, a minimum of 6 additional units. See section A.5.3 (Transferring from Another Post-secondary Institution) for additional details.

Faculty Transfers (Change of Program): Students are permitted to transfer to another faculty provided space availability, they possess the minimum average established for admission to that faculty for Fall Term and present prerequisite courses. For more information refer to Academic Regulations, Section D. Change of Faculty or Program.

Supplementary Admission Requirements: Some faculties/programs consider other criteria in addition to the admission average. This may include an audition, portfolio or supplementary information form. The following faculties require additional criteria:

Faculty of Arts (Dance, Music, Visual Studies)
Haskayne School of Business (Petroleum Land Management and Energy Management concentrations)
Cumming School of Medicine (BCR, BHSc)
Schulich School of Engineering (Energy Engineering)
Faculty of Social Work

For additional details on supplementary application information visit