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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 Undergraduate Admissions A.12 Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing A.12.3 General Certificate of Education - Advanced Levels
A.12.3 General Certificate of Education - Advanced Levels

Students will automatically receive advanced credit in approved courses where they present grades of "A", "B" or "C". Examination results must be verified by the appropriate examining board. Attested or certified copies are not acceptable. Credit has been determined as follows:

GCE Course University of Calgary Equivalent
Biology Biology 241/243
Chemistry Chemistry 201/203 or 209 (Engineering only)
Economics Economics 201/203
English 6 units (1.0 full-course equivalent) junior English†
English Literature 6 units (1.0 full-course equivalent) junior English†
Further Mathematics

3 units (0.5 full-course equivalent) junior Mathematics


3 units (0.5 full-course equivalent) junior History

Mathematics Mathematics 249
Physics Physics 221/223
Psychology Psychology 200
Pure Mathematics Mathematics 249
Statistics Statistics 213/217
†"Junior" refers to credit at the 200 level, but for which no direct University of Calgary equivalency exists.