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Summary of Revisions
University of Calgary Calendar 2014-2015 Summary of Revisions
Summary of Revisions

The online Calendar is the official University Calendar. In the event of any discrepancy between the print version and the online version of the Calendar, the current online version will apply.

Revisions to the online Calendar are indicated with .

For more information regarding these changes, please see below. Note the page number found in parentheses refers to the printed version of the Calendar.


Updated July 30, 2014
Awards and Financial Assistance

Leader in Health Sciences Scholarships  (p. 277)

The Supplementary Admission Application for Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) is due by January 5, not January 15.

Updated as of July 15, 2014
Academic Schedule

January, 2015 (p. 7) 

The lectures for Block Week begin on Monday, January 5.

Faculty of Arts

4.45 Linguistics and Language (p. 111)

In the Introduction, the reference to Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies should be Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures.

Faculty of Law

Administration (p.  165)

The Associate Dean, Academic is A. Woolley and the Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Program Director is G. Hagen.

Faculty of Science

5.3.1 Programs in Computer Science -- Concentration in Computer Game Design (p. 223)

The requirement: One of Mathematics 265 or 275 or 283 ... should be: One of Mathematics 267 or 277 or 283.

Faculty of Science

5.3.1 Programs in Computer Science -- Concentration in Algorithms and Complexity Theory (p. 224)

The requirement: One of Mathematics 265 or 275 should be: One of Mathematics 267 or 277.

Faculty of Science

5.5.2 Programs in Applied Mathematics -- Required Courses - Honours Program (p. 231)

The requirement for 1.5 FCE Mathematics 265, 267, 367 should include Mathematics 249 as an alternate to 265.

Faculty of Science

5.5.4 Programs in Statistics Required Courses - Major Program (p. 233)

Mathematics 367 can be an alternate for 381 and the 0.5 FCE from the field of Statistics should be at the 300 level or higher.

Faculty of Science

5.7.2 Minor in Astrophysics (p.246)

The requirement for Mathematics 265 or 275 should be Mathematics 265 or 275 or 249.

Courses of Instruction

Architectural Studies 201 (p. 296)

The prerequisite of "Admission to the Architectural Studies Minor, or consent of the Faculty" should not apply.

Courses of Instruction

Art 334 (p. 297)

Should have a "formerly Art 333" note.

Courses of Instruction

Biology 453 (p. 305)

The prerequisite should read: Biology 313 and one of Botany 303, Biology 371 or Plant Biology 403.

Courses of Instruction

International Relations (p. 410)

The Director is G. Cameron, not P. Chastko.

Courses of Instruction

Mathematics 267 (p. 433)

Mathematics 251 should be included in the list of prerequisites.

Courses of Instruction

Physics 321 (p. 467)

Applied Mathematics 217 should be included as an alternate to Mathematics 267 or 277 in the list of prerequisites.