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H. Graduation
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J. Statement on Principles of Conduct
K. Student Misconduct
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University of Calgary Calendar 2014-2015 Academic Regulations
Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations -- Table of Contents

ChapterB. Registration
SubChapterB.1 Students with Disabilities
SubChapterB.2 Registration Priority and Procedures
SubChapterB.3 Withholds
SubChapterB.4 Schedule of Classes
SubChapterB.5 Course Enrolment Limitations
SubChapterB.6 Block Week Courses
SubChapterB.7 Part-Time Studies
SubChapterB.8 Graduate Level Courses
SubChapterB.9 Repeating Courses
SubChapterB.10 Faculty Approval of Course Selections
SubChapterB.11 Course Load
SubChapterB.12 Student Responsibility
SubChapterB.13 Changes of Courses or Course Sections
SubChapterB.14 Withdrawal from Courses and Withdrawal from the Term
SubChapterB.15 Payment of Fees or Notification of Financial Assistance
SubChapterB.16 Fee Refund
SubChapterB.17 Change of Personal Information
SubChapterB.18 Changes in Regulations
ChapterC. Competence Test
SubChapterC.1 Mathematics Diagnostic Test
ChapterD. Change of Faculty or Program
ChapterE. Course Information
SubChapterE.1 Course Outlines
SubChapterE.2 Writing Across the Curriculum
SubChapterE.3 Attendance
SubChapterE.4 Religious/Spiritual Observance
SubChapterE.5 Ethics of Human Studies
SubChapterE.6 Tape Recording of Lectures
ChapterF. Academic Standing
SubChapterF.1 Grading System
SubChapterF.2 Undergraduate Grading System
SubChapterF.3 Graduate Grading System
SubChapterF.4 Symbols
SubChapterF.5 Grade Point Average
SubChapterF.6 Honours Degrees and Degrees with Distinction
SubChapterF.6.1 Dean's List
SubChapterF.7 Unsatisfactory Standing
SubChapterF.8 Aegrotat Standing
SubChapterF.9 Transcripts
ChapterG. Examinations and Tests
SubChapterG.1 Scheduling of Tests
SubChapterG.2 Proof of Identity
SubChapterG.2.1 Tests
SubChapterG.2.2 Final Examinations
SubChapterG.3 Final Examinations
SubChapterG.4 Scheduling of Examinations
SubChapterG.5 Evening Credit and Campus Course Examinations
SubChapterG.6 Deferral of Final Examinations
SubChapterG.7 Deferral of Term Work
SubChapterG.8 Debarment
SubChapterG.9 Examination Results
SubChapterG.10 Final Examination Papers
SubChapterG.11 Off-Site Examinations
ChapterH. Graduation
SubChapterH.1 Application for Degree
SubChapterH.2 Names on Degree
SubChapterH.3 Degree Information
SubChapterH.4 Double Majors
SubChapterH.5 Degrees in Absentia
SubChapterH.6 Degree Reprints
SubChapterH.7 Posthumous Degrees
SubChapterH.8 Convocation
SubChapterH.9 Academic Dress
SubChapterH.9.1 Hoods
SubChapterH.9.2 Headwear
SubChapterH.9.3 Gowns
SubChapterH.9.4 Deans' and Vice-Presidents' Scarves
SubChapterH.10 Official Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates
SubChapterH.11 Honorary Degrees
SubChapterH.12 The Order of the University of Calgary
ChapterI. Reappraisal of Grades and Academic Appeals
SubChapterI.1 General Principles
SubChapterI.2 Reappraisal of Graded Term Work
SubChapterI.2.1 Appeals - Faculty Appeals Committee
SubChapterI.2.2 Appeals - General Faculties Council's Student Academic Appeals Committee
SubChapterI.3 Reappraisal of Final Grade
SubChapterI.3.1 Appeals - Faculty Appeals Committee
SubChapterI.3.2 Appeals - General Faculties Council's Student Academic Appeals Committee.
SubChapterI.4 Other Academic Appeals
SubChapterI.4.1 General Faculties Council's Student Academic Appeals Committee
SubChapterI.5 Further Information About Other Appeals and Petitions to the University
SubChapterI.6 Continued Registration While Under Appeal
ChapterJ. Statement on Principles of Conduct
SubChapterJ.1 Preamble
SubChapterJ.2 Statement
ChapterK. Student Misconduct
SubChapterK.1 Statement of Intellectual Honesty
SubChapterK.2 Plagiarism/Cheating/Other Academic Misconduct
SubChapterK.2.1 Definitions
SubChapterK.2.2 Penalties
SubChapterK.2.3 Penalties and their Application
SubChapterK.2.4 Procedures
SubChapterK.2.5 Academic Misconduct - Criminal Offence
SubChapterK.2.6 Appeals
SubChapterK.3 Disciplinary Action for Non-Academic Misconduct
ChapterL. Integrity in Scholarly Activity
SubChapterL.1 Policy
SubChapterL.2 Scholarly Misconduct
SubChapterL.3 Summary of Procedures
SubChapterL.4 Confidentiality
SubChapterL.5 Information
ChapterM. Sexual Harassment
SubChapterM.1 Advice and Information
ChapterN. The Use of Banned Drugs by Student Athletes
ChapterO. Policy of Support for Persons with Life Threatening Communicable Illnesses