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University of Calgary Calendar 2011-2012 Tuition and General Fees P.1 Undergraduate and Graduate Fees P.1.12 General Fees P.1.12.3 Student Services Fee
P.1.12.3 Student Services Fee

Students are required to pay a Student Services Fee.

Undergraduates Per Term

Full Time Fall or Winter $225.00
Full Time Spring or Summer $75.00
Part Time Fall or Winter $75.00
Part Time Spring or Summer $37.50

Graduates Per Year

Full Time $450
Part Time $150

One-third of the Student Services fee paid between September 2011 and August 2012 will be rebated. The 'net' fee (after rebate) which students will be required to pay is outlined in the Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition and General Fee charts at the end of this section.

By implementing the Student Services Fee, the University is eliminating the fees it charges students and graduates for a student transcript, the individual counselling fees levied through University Health Services, and the small levies it assesses through the Students' Union fee. The registration and thesis fees paid by graduate students are also eliminated.