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University of Calgary Calendar 2011-2012 Tuition and General Fees P.1 Undergraduate and Graduate Fees P.1.12 General Fees P.1.12.2 Student Health and Dental Plan Fees
P.1.12.2 Student Health and Dental Plan Fees

By referendum, all full-time undergraduate students (taking three or more courses per term) at the University of Calgary are automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan when they register for classes. For the convenience of students, payments are made in two installments, September and January. The premium for each plan is an annual one, therefore the process for waiving fees for the year must be done prior to the deadline noted below.

The Health Plan provides students with a comprehensive set of health insurance benefits (prescription drugs, paramedical services, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, ambulance services, and many other benefits). This plan is supplementary to any provincial health care plan. The Managed Dental Plan provides students with dental coverage through a specific network of dental clinics throughout Calgary. It is mandatory for students to visit a Network Dental Clinic in order to be eligible for coverage. Please contact the Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Office or visit www.gallivan.ca for a list of clinics. For eligible students starting in the Fall Term, coverage begins September 1 and ends August 31 provided there has been no change in their eligibility status from the Fall Term to the Winter Term. In cases where there has been a status change, coverage may end December 31. For eligible students starting in the Winter Term, coverage begins January 1 and ends August 31.

Optional family coverage (for one or both plans) is also available for an additional fee. This procedure must be completed by October 1 for new Fall Term undergraduate students and by January 28 for new Winter Term undergraduate students.

If proof of comparable coverage is presented, prior to the opt out deadline, to the Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Office, students can opt out of the Health and/or Dental Plan. The opt out deadline is September 30, 2011 (Fall Term fee payment deadline). Continuing full-time students need only opt out of the plans once. Students who change their status to part time or interrupt their studies by at least one Fall or Winter Term will be required to opt out a second time. Students wishing to opt back into either of the plans must contact the Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Office. An eligible student can opt back into the plan unconditionally prior to the fee deadline every Fall Term or within 30 days of loss of comparable coverage during the year. The health and dental insurance fees are non-refundable if a student withdraws from a term.

For further details, please contact:

Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Office (352 MacEwan Student Centre)
Telephone: 403.220.3906
Fax: 403.282.2729
Email: uofcplan@gallivan.ca