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University of Calgary Calendar 2011-2012 Undergraduate Admissions A.2 "Admission Requirements" at the University of Calgary
A.2 "Admission Requirements" at the University of Calgary

The following policy for admitting students to the University of Calgary complements the standard admission requirements as presented in this Calendar. Additional information or clarification regarding admission requirements may be obtained from the Recruitment and Admissions Office and the offices of the faculty to which the student is seeking admission.

Admission to undergraduate faculties will follow the procedures outlined below provided students meet the minimum standards indicated in this Calendar. Applicants seeking admission to the Faculties of Environmental Design, Arts (Dance, Music or Visual Studies), Graduate Studies, Law, Medicine, Social Work and Veterinary Medicine are advised to contact these Faculties directly for admission procedures.

All applicants must satisfy the University's basic undergraduate admission requirements and must meet other admission criteria as may be stipulated by the admitting faculty.

Admission to all programs at the University of Calgary will be on a competitive basis. For each faculty/program, the final minimum average(s) required to secure an offer of admission will be determined once the qualifications of the applicant pool have been assessed. High school applicants are considered on the basis of their average over the five appropriate subjects; however, if an applicant has taken more than two half-course equivalent transfer courses, the average over the transfer courses will also be considered. The high school average will not be considered for applicants presenting six or more half-course equivalent transfer courses. The above chart details when the High School Average and/or Transfer Admission grade point average (GPA) will be used.

For information regarding final admission averages for the previous years, please refer to the website: www.ucalgary.ca/admissions. Averages will change annually based upon demand for a specific faculty/program.

Transfer Status

High School Average 1,2,3

Transfer Admission GPA 3,4

No transfer courses completed (e.g. applicant is applying directly from high school)


Not applicable

1 - 2 half-course equivalent transfer courses completed


Not considered

3 - 5 half-course equivalent transfer courses completed

Considered Considered

6 or more half-course equivalent transfer courses completed

Not considered but required high school subjects (or equivalents) must be successfully completed


1. The High School Average for admission will be calculated using the five appropriate courses which are specified as being required for admission by the selected faculty (see Calendar or the website: www.ucalgary.ca/admissions). The University reserves the right to determine the percentage equivalent for applicants whose subjects were completed outside of the Alberta secondary school system.

2. Students who are 21 years of age as of the start of the Fall Term may be considered for admission on the basis of English Language Arts 30-1 (or equivalent) and other 30-level subjects as may be required by the admitting faculty. Applicants to the Faculty of Arts shall be considered for admission on the basis of their grade in English Language Arts 30-1. Applicants to the Haskayne School of Business shall have their average calculated on English Language Arts 30-1 and Pure Mathematics 30. Applicants to the Faculties of Kinesiology, Medicine - BHSc and Nursing shall have their average calculated on the four specified subjects. Applicants to Medicine - BCR shall have their average calculated on English Language Arts 30-1 and Biology 30. Applicants to the Schulich School of Engineering shall have their average calculated on the five required subjects. Applicants to the Faculty of Science shall have their average calculated on English Language Arts 30-1, Pure Mathematics 30, and two of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30 or Mathematics 31. The Faculty of Education considers the average calculated on the subjects required for admission to the cooperating faculty offering the BA, BKin, BMus or BSc degree for admission to their concurrent BEd program. Adult students are encouraged to contact their faculty office to ensure that they have adequate background for the program they intend to complete.

3. The following faculties require additional criteria: Arts (Dance, Music, Visual Studies), Haskayne School of Business (Petroleum Land Management and Energy Management concentrations), Medicine (BCR, BHSc), and Social Work. Applicants to the Schulich School of Engineering who have completed a 2-year Engineering Diploma or Applied Technology Degree should note that the Faculty considers the cumulative diploma or degree GPA. Credits transferable from individual courses in an Engineering diploma or Applied Technology degree will not be considered in lieu of the cumulative diploma or degree GPA. Please refer to the appropriate faculty sections for more information.

4. The Transfer Admission GPA shall be determined on the basis of the grade point average calculated over the most recent course work to a maximum of ten half-course equivalents (University of Calgary courses and/or transferable courses taken at other institutions). All grades within a term will be included except where the number of courses taken within a term exceeds that required to fulfill (to a maximum of) ten half-course equivalents, in which case the highest grades will be used. Transfer courses are courses which are considered transferable to the University of Calgary regardless of the grades obtained (including "D" and "F" grades) and all grades in such courses will be used in the determination of the Transfer Admission GPA. Grades in high school equivalent courses offered by post-secondary institutions will not be used in determining the Transfer Admission GPA.

Note: Students will only be permitted to transfer to another faculty during their first year of study provided they possess the minimum average established for admission to that faculty for Fall Term. Students admitted to a faculty must register in courses which are directly applicable to the degree program offered by that faculty.