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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Faculty of Social Sciences 2. Faculty Information
2. Faculty Information

The Social Sciences broadly encompass all human experience from the earliest beginnings of civilization to the contemporary aspects of modern society in all of its diversity and complexity. The broad understanding of our world, its origins and physical structures, as well as the patterns of its social, political and economic life, is promoted by the nine disciplines in the Faculty, namely: Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Contact Information

Faculty Administrative Office

Location: Social Sciences 554

Telephone: 403.220.6151

Fax: 403.282.8606

Web page URL: http://ss.ucalgary.ca/


Undergraduate Program Office

Location: 4th Floor, MacEwan Student Centre

Student Information: 403.220.5881

Email address: upo@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: M. Pavelka

Department Office: Social Sciences 854

Telephone: 403.220.6516

Fax: 403.284.5467

Website: http://anth.ucalgary.ca/anth/

Email: boydj@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: B.P. Kooyman

Department Office: Earth Sciences 806

Telephone: 403.220.5227

Fax: 403.282.9567

Website: http://arky.ucalgary.ca/

Email: arky@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: K.J. McKenzie

Department Office: Social Sciences 454

Telephone: 403.220.5857

Fax: 403.282.5262

Website: http://econ.ucalgary.ca/

Email: econ@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: B. Moorman

Department Office: Earth Sciences 356

Telephone: 403.220.5584

Fax: 403.282.6561

Website: http://geog.ucalgary.ca/

Email: geograph@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: W.M. Elofson

Department Office: Social Sciences 656

Telephone: 403.220.6401

Fax: 403.289.8566

Website: http://hist.ucalgary.ca

Email: histdept@ucalgary.ca

International Indigenous Studies

Director: J.S. Frideres

Office: Education Tower 1414/Social Sciences 942

Telephone: 403.220.2554/403.220.5521

Fax: 403.282.9298

Website: http://ss.ucalgary.ca/INDG

Email: frideres@ucalgary.ca

International Relations

Director: P. Chastko

Office: Social Sciences 648

Telephone: 403.220.3075

Fax: 403.289.8566

Website: http://ss.ucalgary.ca/ir

Email: pchastko@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: J. Archibald

Department Office: Social Sciences 822

Telephone: 403.220.7316

Fax: 403.282.3880

Website: http://ling.ucalgary.ca/

Email: toth@ucalgary.ca

Political Science

Department Head: D. Stewart

Department Office: Social Sciences 756

Telephone: 403.220.5950

Fax: 403.282.4773

Website: http://poli.ucalgary.ca/

Email: ewensel@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: K.S. Dobson

Department Office: Administration 275

Telephone: 403.220.5561

Fax: 403.282.8249

Website: http://psych.ucalgary.ca/

Undergraduate Program Email: psycugrd@ucalgary.ca

Graduate Program Email: psycgrad@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: T. Langford

Department Office: Social Sciences 956

Telephone: 403.220.6501

Fax: 403.282.9298

Website: http://soci.ucalgary.ca/

Email: jlbell@ucalgary.ca

Urban Studies

Director: B.A. Miller

Office: Earth Sciences 402

Telephone: 403.220.7321

Fax: 403.282-6561

Email: bavrmill@ucalgary.ca