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P.3.3 Method of Payment

Students may pay their fees by cash, cheque, money order or debit card, using the following methods:

(a) Mail a cheque or money order to Enrolment Services (117 MacKimmie Library Block, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4);

(b) Through Telephone/Internet Banking Services. The University of Calgary is listed with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, and TD Canada Trust;

(c) In person at the U of C Service Stop (Monday to Friday, 09:30-4:30; Thursday, 10:00-4:30);

(d) If fees are to be paid from government student loans, proof of approved government funding must presented prior to the fee deadline. Student loans may be signed electronically with a pre-approved remittance amount or in person at the Service Stop. The remittance amount is sent directly to the University to pay a student’s outstanding balance and no interest accrues during this process. Any amount owed, in excess of the remittance amount must be paid manually prior to the fee deadline.

Students receiving disbursement of their student loan in one installment will have both Fall and Winter Term tuition fees deducted from the single installment plus any general fees. Students receiving disbursement of their loan in two installments will have Fall Term fees deducted from the first installment as well as any Winter fees not covered by the incumbent Winter disbursement. Other amounts owing to the University may be deducted from either or both installments at the determination of the University of Calgary.

If financial assistance is refused by the loan provider, students must pay all outstanding fees within ten days of the denial. The letter of refusal must be presented to the Student Receivables office in order to appeal the late penalty. Note that students will not have their registration cancelled if financial assistance is refused and remain fully liable for all tuition and general fees owed to the University of Calgary and affiliates.