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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Faculty of Fine Arts 2. Faculty Information
2. Faculty Information
Contact Information

Faculty Advisors

Location: CH D 100

Student Information: 403.220.5313

Email address: FASST@ucalgary.ca

Web page URL: http://www.finearts.ucalgary.ca


Department Head: TBA

Department Office: AB 612

Telephone:  403.220.5251

Fax: 403.289.7333

Email: artdept@ucalgary.ca


Program Coordinator: D. McGehee

Department Office: CH D 520

Telephone: 403.220.7481

Fax: 403.289.4710

Email: dance@ucalgary.ca


Department Head: C. Martini

Department Office: CH D 209

Telephone: 403.220.5421

Fax: 403.284.0713

Email: drama@ucalgary.ca


Department Head:  W. Jordan

Department Office: CH F 217

Telephone: 403.220.5379

Fax: 403.284.0973

Email: jordan@ucalgary.ca


The following programs administered by the Faculty of Fine Arts provide opportunities for the student to take a well-balanced program of professional and general education courses. Students in the Faculty of Fine Arts are governed by the academic regulations contained in this section and also in the Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Regulations sections of the Calendar. Regulations applicable to particular programs of study are covered under the Department regulations listed in this section.


The Department of Art offers the BFA (Visual Studies) degree and a five-year combined degree program with the Faculty of Education, leading to the BFA (Visual Studies) and Bachelor of Education degrees. The Department also offers the BA Degree in Art History.

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a four-year BA (Dance) program.

In addition, the Faculty of Fine Arts offers a Minor Field program in Dance for students wishing to study Dance as an adjunct to another Major Field. The minor program permits a student to study in the areas of technique, performance, choreography, theory and history.

The program in Drama includes both academic and practical training. Course selection can provide emphasis in academic studies, theatre administration, theatre for young audiences and developmental drama, acting and directing, technical production and design, and film. Qualified fourth year students may be placed in an internship course with local professional theatre organizations.

The Drama Education program is for students intending either to teach drama following certification, or to work as drama specialists with young people. It provides extensive course work in developmental drama and other aspects of the theatre which relate directly to the particular needs of theatre with and for youth. This program is offered only in combination with the Bachelor of Education (Master of Teaching) program.

Programs in Music are for students wishing to enter a professional career in music, either as performers, teachers, composers, theorists, historians or critics, or for the student who wishes to pursue a general education in music.

The Bachelor of Music degree provides the opportunity for specialization following a common first year.


Core Competencies

In addition to the Core Competencies adopted by the General Faculties Council, the Faculty of Fine Arts declares the following objectives for students served by its courses:

1. Non-verbal communication skills, including visual, aural and kinesthetic intelligence, as appropriate to our various disciplines, in addition to effective oral and written skills;

2. Perceptual, interpretive and critical skills;

3. The ability to create and to bring a new, personal understanding to traditional and non-traditional material;

4. Where appropriate, the ability to collaborate with others both in one's own art and beyond it;

5. Skill in research, including creative work and performance;

6. The ability to respond to new forms of art and critical theory;

7. Aesthetic sensibility and cultural awareness.