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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 Faculty of Communication and Culture 2. Faculty Information
2. Faculty Information
Contact Information

Web page URL: www.comcul.ucalgary.ca

Faculty Office

Location: SS110

Telephone: 403.220.6343


Undegraduate Program Office (UPO) 

Location: 4th Floor, MacEwan Student Centre

Telephone: 403.220.5881


Graduate Office

Location: SS 222

Telephone: 403.220.6357


Faculty Office

The Communication and Culture Faculty Office provides advice relating to:

  • Contacting academic staff, division heads and program coordinators
  • Appeals of grades
  • Special topics/reading courses
  • Problems with instruction
  • Curriculum matters
  • Honours program

For information on research ethics procedures, contact the Graduate Programs Office, 403.220.6357.

Undergraduate Program Office (UPO)

The Undergraduate Programs Office (UPO) advises students on academic program matters relating to:

  • Course selection
  • Changing programs
  • Dropping and adding courses
  • Overloading courses
  • Letter of Permission for Visiting Students
  • Graduation requirements
  • Other student records and program management issues
  • Deferred term work
  • Deferred Registrar-scheduled examinations

The programs offered by the Faculty of Communication and Culture are designed to provide students with a broadly integrative education and to prepare students for life and work in the 21st century. These programs offer students an opportunity to do concentrated work in an area which crosses disciplinary boundaries. Each program incorporates required and recommended interdisciplinary courses, along with a selection of courses from the relevant specialized disciplines from which a student may plan his or her program.

Weekend University

Weekend University is a joint offering between the Faculty of Communication and Culture and Continuing Education that provides an opportunity for a non-traditional student to complete a University degree through part-time study. Courses offered on Saturdays are organized so that students may complete the multidisciplinary degrees (Bachelor of Communication and Culture, Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Culture), as well as the Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies or Bachelor of Communications Studies, solely through attending classes on Saturdays and in evenings. Minor programs offered through classes on Saturday are: Communications Studies (Faculty of Communication and Culture) and English (Faculty of Humanities). The Faculty of Communication and Culture also accepts the Workplace Learning Minor for its multi-disciplinary degrees (see Continuing Education for details). Students in other programs may access related degree courses through Weekend University as well. Students who begin their studies through Weekend University are not required to complete their degrees through Saturday study, but may access daytime, late afternoon or evening courses across campus on a part-time or full-time basis.

Students wishing to complete a degree through Weekend University are expected to meet all of the requirements for admission to the Faculty of Communication and Culture and the University of Calgary. Students who have missed admission deadlines may be eligible to begin studies as an Open Studies student. This category has registration limits. Please refer to "Open Studies Student" under A.1 Classification of Students in the Undergraduate Admissions section of this Calendar for more information. All students should apply for admission to the Faculty of Communication and Culture as soon as possible.