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University of Calgary Calendar 2009-2010 About the University of Calgary Research Institutes and Centres
Research Institutes and Centres
University Research Institutes and Centres
  • Alberta Global Forum
  • Biogeosciences Institute of Kananaskis
  • Calgary Centre for Research in Finance
  • Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology
  • Calgary Institute for the Humanities
  • Canadian Centre for the Study of Higher Education
  • Centre for Advanced Technologies of Life Sciences (includes the Southern Alberta Microarray Facility, Centre for Mouse Genomics and the Sun Centre of Excellence for Visual Genomics)
  • Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education
  • Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education
  • Centre for Gifted Education
  • Centre for Health and Policy Studies
  • Centre for Information Security and Cryptography
  • Centre for Mathematics in Life Sciences
  • Centre for Microsystems Engineering
  • Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
  • Centre for Public Interest Accounting
  • Centre for Radio Astronomy
  • Centre for Research in the Fine Arts
  • Centre for Social Work Research and Development
  • Experimental Imaging Centre
  • iNFORMATICS Research Centre
  • Institute for Advanced Policy Research
  • Institute for Biocomplexity and Informatics
  • Institute for Gender Research
  • Institute for Quantum Information Science
  • Institute for Space Research
  • Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy
  • Institute for United States Policy Research
  • Institute of Professional Communication
  • International Institute for Resource Industries and Sustainable Studies
  • Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Centre
  • Kananaskis Field Stations
  • Language Research Centre
  • Latin American Studies Research Centre
  • Pipeline Engineering Centre
  • Risk Studies Centre
Partnership Research Institutes and Centres
  • Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute (includes the McCaig Centre for Joint Injury and Health Research)
  • Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
  • Alberta Gaming Research Institute
  • Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Carbohydrate Science
  • Alberta Ingenuity Centre for In Situ Energy
  • Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research
  • Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.
  • Alberta Synchrotron Institute
  • Arctic Institute of North America
  • Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
  • Banff International Research Station
  • Canadian Energy Research Institute
  • Canadian Institute of Resources Law
  • Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family
  • Centre for Leadership and Learning
  • Hotchkiss Brain Institute
  • Institute of Health Economics
  • Institute of Infection , Immunity & Inflammation
  • Institute of Maternal and Child Health
  • Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta
  • Macleod Institute for Environmental Analysis
  • Miistakis Institute for the Rockies
  • Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • Pine Creek Research Centre for Sustainable Water Resources
  • Prairie Action Foundation
  • Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse
  • Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute
  • Telecommunications Research Laboratories
  • The Centre for Innovation Studies
  • Van Horne Institute, The
  • Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute
  • World Tourism Education and Research Centre
Networks of Centres of Excellence
  • Advanced Foods and Materials Network
  • Allergy, Genes and Environment Network
  • ArcticNet
  • AUTO21
  • Canadian Arthritis Network
  • Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations
  • Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network
  • Canadian Stroke Network
  • Canadian Water Network
  • Geomatics for Informed Decisions Network
  • Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures
  • Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems
  • PrioNet Canada
  • Stem Cell Genomics and Therapeutics Network
  • Sustainable Forest Management Network