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Co-operative Education/Internship

Summary of Programs

Co-operative Education Programs

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Co-operative Education programs are offered in the following areas. Please see the faculty description for further information.

Faculty of Communication and Culture

Canadian Studies

Communications Studies

Development Studies

Film Studies (BA)

Law and Society

Science, Technology and Society

Women's Studies

HaskayneSchoolof Business


Business Process Management

Energy Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics

International Business

Management Information Systems


Operations Management

Personal Finance Planning

Petroleum Land Management

Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management: Insurance and Finance

Supply Chain Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism Management and Marketing

Faculty of Humanities


French, Italian and Spanish

General Humanities

Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies

Greek and Roman Studies


Religious Studies

Faculty of Science

Actuarial Science

Chemistry (Applied)


Faculty of Social Sciences






Political Science


Internship Programs

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Internship programs are offered in the following areas. Please see faculty description for further information.

SchulichSchoolof Engineering








Oil and Gas


Faculty of Science

Computer Science

Contact Information

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Career Services MacEwan Student Centre 188

Telephone number:

(403) 220-8020

Email address:

Web page URL:


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Co-operative Education and Internship are optional academic programs that provide students the opportunity to enhance their education by acquiring career related work experience before graduation. Students gain practical experience, develop a network of contacts, and obtain a better understanding of careers in their field. This program allows students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in a practical work environment, enhancing both the academic and employment portions of their University career.

Each four month Co-operative Education/Internship work term is registered as a Co-operative Education or Internship course. Evaluation of the Co-operative Education/Internship course/work term is a faculty responsibility and is based on successful completion of a work term report and satisfactory work performance. Work performance is monitored by a Career Advisor and the employer.


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Students in the Co-operative Education/Internship program complete the normal academic curriculum while integrating a number of work terms into their program. Work terms and study sessions are full time and all students receive a salary while on a work term.

Co-operative Education students complete a minimum of twelve months and a maximum of twenty months work experience (depending on Faculty/Department requirements), normally alternating periods of work and study starting and ending on an academic session. Internship students complete twelve to sixteen months continuous work experience between their third and fourth academic years. Co-operative Education/Internship programs are designed to expose students to a realistic work environment with employment occurring in all seasons of the year.

Each Co-operative Education/Internship position is evaluated as a suitable learning opportunity by the University and students continue to interact with the University for the duration of their employment. Each four-month work term is registered as a Co-operative Education/Internship course and non refundable course fees are assessed. Courses are evaluated on a Completed Requirements/Fail (CR/F) basis. Upon successful completion of all program criteria, the Co-operative Education or Internship designation will appear on the student's academic transcript and degree parchment.


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A variety of employment opportunities exist for Co-operative Education/Internship participants. Positions are offered in business, government, the professions and not-for-profit organizations. The number and variety of work experience positions available and advertised to Co-operative Education and Internship students varies from term to term and some positions are outside of Calgary. Students compete for job opportunities (placement is not guaranteed) and employers make the hiring decisions. Employers seek students who have relevant education, computer skills, some related work and volunteer experience, and extracurricular involvement.

Students have the option of applying to Co-operative Education/Internship positions advertised through Career Services, finding their own job and having it approved as a suitable learning opportunity, or applying for credit by special assessment on work experience previously completed.