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Nursing Offsite NUOS

Instruction offered by members of the Faculty of Nursing.

Note: Where applicable, Clinical Practice courses must be taken concurrently with the theoretical components.

The following Nursing Offsite courses are for students in the BN program at the Medicine Hat College Site:











Senior Courses

Nursing Offsite 451 H(4-0)

Childbearing and Childrearing Families (Theory)

The study of maternity and child health with family as context; role of nursing pertinent to wellness patterns and alterations in health in these populations.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 452.

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Nursing Offsite 452 F(210 hours)

Nursing Practice IV - Childbearing and Childrearing Families (Nursing Practice)

Facilitating and assisting childbearing and childrearing families to deal with needs related to health promotion, health maintenance, and illness intervention in a variety of nursing practice settings.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 451.


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Nursing Offsite 453 H(4-0)

Community Focused Nursing (Theory)

Exploration of concepts and models related to the focus of community as client, with emphasis on dimensions of community and population health, health promotion perspectives, team building and partnerships, community assessment, planning and evaluation approaches, and intervention strategies.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 454.

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Nursing Offsite 454 F(195 hours)

Nursing Practice V - Community Focused Nursing (Nursing Practice)

Opportunity to develop skills with the community as the focus of care in a variety of settings.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 453.


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Nursing Offsite 455 H(3-0)

Nursing Research

Introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methods appropriate to nursing with an emphasis on the critique of studies for their application to practice.

Note: Completion of a statistics course is strongly recommended prior to taking Nursing Offsite 455.

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Nursing Offsite 457 H(3-0)

Rural Nursing (Theory)

Issues, theory and research related to the delivery and development of health care in rural areas.

Prerequisites: All third year Fall and Winter Semester courses.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 458.

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Nursing Offsite 458 F(195 hours)

Nursing Practice VI - Rural Nursing (Nursing Practice)

An integrated approach to nursing in a variety of rural settings with an emphasis on the application of concepts and theory pertinent to rural health care.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 457.


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Nursing Offsite 551 H(3-0)

Issues in Nursing Practice

An in-depth exploration of issues related to nursing practice and health care organizations.

Prerequisites: Nursing Offsite 457 and 458.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 553 and 554.

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Nursing Offsite 553 H(3-0)

Nursing Leadership and Management

Professional and interpersonal relationships in nursing practice with an emphasis on leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration and the management of nursing care at macro and micro levels.

Prerequisites: Nursing Offsite 457 and 458.

Corequisites: Nursing Offsite 551 and 554.

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Nursing Offsite 554 F(330 hours)

Nursing Practice VII - Senior Nursing Practice

Synthesis and integration of theoretical concepts from nursing and related disciplines, in the student's area of practice with emphasis on further development of self-directed learning skills to enhance professional practice. During their practicum, students will be under the direction of a Faculty Advisor and Clinical Preceptors.

Prerequisites: All program requirements, except for the Corequisites Nursing Offsite 551 and 553.


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