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Humanities HUMN

Instruction offered by members of the Faculty of Humanities.

Junior Course

Humanities 200 F(1-2)

Humanist Perspectives on Human Issues

Introduction to central issues and research methods in the Humanities, using primary source material from literature, religion, philosophy, and the arts. Texts will be studied from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Tutorials will offer opportunities for discussion and instruction in academic writing and basic research methods.

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Senior Courses

Humanities 305 H(3-0)

The Human Situation I

Examines various views concerning human nature, the human situation, and human responsibilities. Requires intensive reading of a moderate number of works of a literary, philosophical, or religious character that express such views.

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Humanities 307 H(3-0)

The Human Situation II

A continuation of Humanities 305.

Prerequisites: Humanities 305.

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