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East Asia ETAS

A collaborative offering of the Faculties of Communication and Culture, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Senior Courses

East Asia 300 F(3-0)

Introduction to East Asia

An examination of East Asian civilizations from ancient times to the modern period, including the socio-cultural forces that were shaped by and that contributed to the religious, historical, economic, literary, artistic, and political developments of this region. Attention will be given to such topics as how the East Asian civilizations came into being and the rise and development of various institutions that contributed to East Asia's distinctive cultural identities.

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East Asia 500 F(3-0)

Contemporary Issues in East Asia

Contemporary social, philosophical, economic, political, and international issues within East Asia and analysis of the basis for contemporary interactions across the Pacific.

Prerequisites: East Asia 300, one full-course equivalent of the East Asia Major "Applied Methods" courses and at least one full-course equivalent in Japanese or Chinese language.

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