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Development Studies DEST

Instruction offered under the direction of the Faculty of Communication and Culture. For information visit the Faculty of Communication and Culture website,, or contact the Communication and Culture Faculty Office, (403) 220-6343.

Division Head: T. Seiler

Additional interdisciplinary courses are offered under the course headings African Studies; Canadian Studies; Central and East European Studies; Communications Studies; East Asian Studies; Film Studies, General Studies; Innovation Studies, Latin American Studies; Law and Society; Museum and Heritage Studies; Northern Planning and Development Studies; Science, Technology and Society; South Asian Studies; and Women's Studies.

Junior Course

Development Studies 201 H(2-1)

Introduction to Development Studies

An interdisciplinary course focusing on development in both a northern and international context. Explores factors that shape development processes; introduces concepts and issues such as poverty; colonialism and self-determination; human ecology and sustainable development; and appropriate technology. Examines the origins, purposes, and performance of contemporary national and international institutions and their effect on people in different geographical and socio-economic contexts.

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Senior Courses

Development Studies 375 H(3-0)

Gender and Development

Examines development from the critical perspective of the key role played by gender in development. Case studies from Canadian and international contexts will provide illustrative material for analyzing the issues that emanate from the gendered nature of development processes and practices.

Prerequisites: Development Studies 201 or Women's Studies 201 or consent of the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs).

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Development Studies 393 H(3-0)

Theories and Applications of Development

A study of development theories and applications through northern and international case studies. Examines practical manifestations of those theories and approaches in development planning, implementation, and praxis including Modernization theory; dependency theory; basic needs approach; neo-liberalism; the staple thesis; globalization; women in development; gender and development.

Prerequisites: Development Studies 201 or 391 or consent of the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs).

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Development Studies 400 F(9-0)

Field School

A field course for the on-site interdisciplinary study of a country or region with regard to issues of development from variety of perspectives, e.g., cultural, economic, environmental, geographical, historical and political perspectives. For further information students should contact the Communication and Culture Faculty Office of the Program Coordinator.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Program Coordinator.

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Development Studies 401 H(3-0)

Special Topics in Development Studies

An examination of selected topics in Development Studies. See Schedule of Classes for current topic(s).


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Development Studies 485 H(3S-0)

International and Intercultural Communication

A seminar in cross-cultural communication at the personal, organizational, societal, and international levels. Discusses the concept of "Globalization" and its implications for communication among different cultures; analyses various theoretical perspectives underlying intercultural communication; explores issues of power, identity and influence; examines intercultural encounters in the context of specific diversified settings; and helps students develop intercultural communication competence.

Prerequisites: Completion of at least eight full-course equivalents..

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Development Studies 501 H(3-0)

Research in Selected Topics

Supervised individual study of a special topic.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs).

Note: Students should contact the Office of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs) at least two weeks prior to the first day of classes to arrange an independent study course.


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Development Studies 591 H(3S-0)

Critical Perspectives on Development Practice and Research

An interdisciplinary consideration of selected issues and methodologies in development, which will provide students with the critical perspective and skills needed to conceptualize, design, implement and effectively manage community development projects and programs.

Prerequisites: Development Studies 375 and 393.

Note: Restricted to students registered in the Development Studies Major program.

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