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Continuing Education CTED

Instruction offered by members of the Graduate Division of Educational Research.

Associate Dean - A. Sherman

Graduate Courses

Continuing Education 693 H(3-0)

Master's Project I

The project could involve an in-depth scholarly study, using secondary sources, of a chosen area of workplace learning. Alternatively, it could involve case study analysis of a specific workplace issue or problem. The project will enable the adult learner to develop and demonstrate competence in conducting an investigation at an organizational level. This phase of the master's project typically involves the preparation and approval of a research proposal and an ethics application, if the research involves human subjects.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Faculty.

Note: Open only to students in the MCE degree program.

Note: This course will involve the student, in consultation with his/her supervisor, selecting a research issue, problem or question to be examined, writing a project proposal outlining the guidelines for conducting the research and, if involving human subjects, obtaining approval from the Research Ethics Board.


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Continuing Education 695 H(3-0)

Master's Project II

This phase involves the written portion of the master's project.

Prerequisites: Continuing Education 693.

Note: Open only to students in the MCE degree program.


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