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African Studies AFST

Instruction offered under the direction of the Faculty of Communication and Culture. For information visit the Faculty of Communication and Culture website,, or contact the Communication and Culture Faculty Office, (403) 220-6343.

Division Head: T. Seiler

Additional interdisciplinary courses are offered under the course headings Canadian Studies; Central and East European Studies; Communications Studies; Development Studies; East Asian Studies; Film Studies, General Studies; Innovation Studies, Latin American Studies; Law and Society; Museum and Heritage Studies; Northern Planning and Development Studies; Science, Technology and Society; South Asian Studies; and Women's Studies.

Senior Courses

African Studies 301 H(3-0)

Introduction to African Studies

An interdisciplinary perspective of the people and ecologies of the African continent. The major theme will be the processes and effects of social, religious, political, economic, historical and cultural change on the lives of Africans.

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African Studies 400 F(9-0)

Field Study in Africa

A field course for the in situ interdisciplinary study of a country or region of Africa, emphasizing the geographical, archaeological, historical, cultural, political, economic and artistic aspects. For further information students should contact the Academic Programs Office or the Program Coordinator.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Program Co-ordinator.

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African Studies 501 H(3S-0)


Study of a particular topic(s) or region(s) from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. Students will be required to examine how political, social, economic and cultural factors intersect to shape various issues in the African setting.

Prerequisites: One of African Studies 301, Anthropology 317, History 401, Political Science 371, or consent of the Faculty.

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