Isotope Science Lab

How to submit samples to the ISL


*** Due to COVID-19 the University of Calgary is closed and the ISL is NOT accepting any samples ***







When sending samples to the ISL-UofC, please download the appropriate sample submission form.  Instructions on how to use these forms are found on the first page of each form (they are each MS-Excel workbooks). Email completed form(s) to

Submisson forms:

1) Solid or liquid samples: "solids and liquids" form

2) Gas samples: "gases"  form

Gas composition must be completed prior to isotopic analysis. Please include compositional data in the sample submission form. Gas composition can be analyzed by the Applied Geochemistry Lab.  Please contact Michael Nightingale:

3) Dissolved nitrate samples: "nitrates" form

Please ensure samples are: organized, clearly & properly labelled and securely packed for transport. 

Deliveries by courier must go through UofC Shipping and Receiving 

Otherwise the ISL shipping address is:

University of Calgary
Department of Geosciences 
Applied Geochemistry group - Isotope Science Lab (AGg-ISL)
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Attn. Mr. Stephen Taylor

AGg-ISL: Earth Science #513
(p) 403 210-6003