Why You Should Join the Graduate College!

"The experience gained as a Graduate College Scholar makes the experience of being a UCalgary graduate student something truly unique."

-James Wasmuth, Head of the Graduate College (2019-2023)

Scholar testimonials

Julia Imanoff

Meet Julia Imanoff, a current Graduate College scholar and PhD student in the Faculty of Nursing.

Jhonattan Bello

Meet Jhonattan Bello, a current Graduate College Scholar and Masters student with the Werklund School of Education.

Samiha Mohsen

Meet Samiha Mohsen, a Graduate College Alumna and current medical student at the University of Toronto.

Being new to UCalgary, the College gave me a great opportunity to get to know people and join a community of scholars. I also had the greatest opportunity to learn about professional development and learn new things from people in all different areas.

Sarah Meyers

Sarah Meyers

Current Graduate College scholar and Master's student in Military, Security and Strategic Studies.

I'm so thankful for my time with the Graduate College. Particlularly, in developing some really amazing partnerships and collaborative work opportunities with so many engaging, bright and enthusiastic scholars from across the UCalgary campus community. It has been a phenomenol opportunity.

Kelsey Pennanen

Kelsey Pennanen

Current Graduate College Scholar and PhD student in Archaeology.

One of the reasons I joined the Graduate College was to build connections with grad students outside of my program & faculty. Even though I've been wtih UofC for many years, it's hard to connect with others at different stages of their degree, life, and other disciplines. The College helps foster these connections and I am really thankful for that.

Shasta Webb

Shasta Webb

Graduate College Alumna and PhD recipient in Biological Anthropology