RBC Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurial Thinking

Dr. Alice de Koning, PhD – Senior Instructor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

RBC Foundation has supported the work at the Haskayne School of Business, including that of Dr. Alice de Koning, PhD, senior instructor and academic director of the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Dr. de Koning has led the development and implementation of the Embedded Certificate for Entrepreneurial Thinking, now available to students across campus. In 2022, she created the Applied Capstone Course, which supports students to apply their entrepreneurial thinking knowledge and skills as part of the certificate. Her reach extends beyond UCalgary as she continues to support the development of the academic program for Financial Feminism, a joint venture of the Haskayne School and The51. 

Dr. de Koning is interested in place-based, community-engaged and project learning and has recently published an article entitled, “Street Challenge Pedagogy: How Walking Down Main Street Broadens Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem Perspectives.” The website she created as part of this work, Streetchallenge.ca, provides extensive resources, including pedagogy ideas, modules, and lesson plans and tools for courses. The goal is to support faculty members in adapting their courses to use places (such as business districts and main streets) to achieve course learning objectives, helping students connect their conceptual frameworks to reality and develop the skills of research and innovation.

Alice de Koning

Dr. Alice de Koning, PhD, RBC Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurial Thinking