Charting a bold and exciting course

The 2018-23 Academic and Research Plans are the roadmaps to the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22. They will drive discovery, creativity and innovation across our campuses and within our community. These plans outline the priorities, strategies and goals that will help the University of Calgary be recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities.

Integrated Model

Teaching and research are interwoven in the university experience—the Integrated Model for the Academic and Research Plans supports our commitment to connecting these priorities in all that we do.

Connected through the value propositions of Student Experience and Impact, and sharing a common priority, Driving Innovation, both plans have three priorities with identified major goals and strategies that help deliver on the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22.

While the plans are linked in the Integrated Model, they also can be detached from one another, providing the flexibility necessary to inform and respond to internal and external needs and requirements. The Academic Plan must respond and relate to the Adult Learning Principles (access, affordability, quality, coordination, and accountability) of the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education, and the Research Plan must respond and relate to the Alberta Strategic Innovation and Research Plan (ASRIP) and to Federal government funding agencies.

Integrated model


Led by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and the Vice-President (Research), the consultation process included a literature review in higher education, a review of data collected for the renewal of Eyes High, a questionnaire with more than 2,400 responses, and more than 30 consultation sessions held with academic staff, students, community groups, government representatives, and governance committees.

The information collected indicated that the priorities, goals, strategies and actions identified in the previous Academic and Research Plans were supporting the achievement of the primary goals of our Eyes High vision. As well, the analysis supported evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, changes to the plans.

The goals and objectives relating to each of the priorities in the plans are bold and ambitious, implemented through our collective action over the next five years. Through these plans, we will achieve the vision of the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22.