Bringing the Academic and Research Plans to life

There are many talented people at the University of Calgary. Our students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars move us forward every day in the work they do supporting our Eyes High Strategy 2017-2022.

Our people bring our plans to life

The 2018-23 Academic and Research Plans are the roadmaps to Eyes High. They drive discovery, creativity and innovation across our campuses and within our community. These plans outline the priorities, strategies and goals that will help the University of Calgary be recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2022. Here are just some examples of how our faculty and staff are bringing our plans to life.


Keith Mills

Keith Mills, Manager of Communications Media ensures the smooth use of technologies that enhance teaching and learning.


Patrick Ryan

In the Human Resource department, Patrick Ryan, prioritizes people with the aim of helping them reach their potential at the university.


Turin Chowdhury

As a public health researcher, Turin Chowdhury is engaging local communities to make changes in healthcare delivery.


Liz Scarratt

Liz Scarratt works in the research services office and drives innovation by helping researchers prepare proposals and figures out logistics of implementing funded projects.


Kate Anderson

Arts undergraduate student Kate Anderson is enabling intellectual curiosity and creating new knowledge. Her research project breathes new life into old books.


Amanda Black

Postdoctoral fellow Amanda Black creates new knowledge in brain and mental health by researching concussion management and injury prevention.


Isadora Mok-Kulakova

As the online Learning Environment Lead Isadora Mok-Kulakova drives innovation by understanding new technologies.


Tanaji More

Postdoctoral fellow Tanaji More is driving innovation by helping to invent new sustainable technologies while having an impact in waste management.


Scott Zimmer

Scott Zimmer, reports data and connects communities for the Development and Alumni Engagement team.  His team’s work is part of the #1.3 billion fundraising campaign – Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High.


Frank Maurer, Chad Saunders and Mea Wang

A trio of faculty members from the Faculty of Science and Schulich School of Engineering come together to teach a software entrepreneurship undergraduate course focused on entrepreneurial thinking through hands-on experience. Meet Frank Maurer, Chad Saunders and Mea Wang.


Suzanna Crawford

Nursing student Suzanna Crawford embraces entrepreneurship to make a positive impact in the community.