Campaign 401


Spark meaningful change

Great cities need great universities, and great universities are built on great philanthropy.

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High is positively charging our campus community, our city and beyond for the next 50 years.

What happens next starts with you.

Invest in a different kind of energy and see the change you can make.

Overall goal: 1.3 billion

Raised to date: $1,255,740,594

Donors: 28,006

Gifts to date: 75,538

Campaign progress

To date, we’ve raised more than $1 billion of our $1.3 billion dollar goal, but we’re not done yet. Thanks to more than 25,000 donors, we're transforming UCalgary every day, in every way.

Innovation at UCalgary

The University of Calgary, is a destination for people from around the world with ambitious dreams. Together with our remarkable students, alumni and supporters, we are fueling innovation and driving economic progress in Calgary and beyond, because when you combine your energy with ours, anything is possible.

“That’s why we give.”


Every gift, no matter the size or intention behind it, holds personal meaning to the donor and the recipient. We sat down with five Giving Day donors to show how they have changed the life of a student through their gift.  

How do we ensure everyone can realize their full potential?

How do we ensure everyone can realize their full potential?

Together, we will ignite the minds of tomorrow’s business, thought and community leaders.

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How does research make my life better?

How does research make my life better?

Together, we will fuel transformational change and help our researchers solve society’s most complex challenges.

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How does a university contribute to community building?

How does a university contribute to community building?

Together, we will actively engage with our communities and one another, bridging people with opportunities.

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Campaign Advisors

The University of Calgary acknowledges the valuable support of its dedicated campaign volunteers, including:

  • Mark Blackwell
  • Geoffrey Cumming
  • Joanne Cuthbertson
  • James (Jim) Dinning, C.M.
  • W. David Duckett
  • Charlie Fischer
  • Chen Fong
  • Richard F. (Dick) Haskayne, O.C, AOE
  • Lois Haskayne
  • Wayne Henuset
  • Elizabeth Henuset
  • H. Douglas Hunter
  • Diane Hunter
  • Brenda Mackie
  • Keith MacPhail   
  • Zainool Mamdani
  • David O’Brien, O.C.
  • Gail O’Brien
  • Seymour Schulich, O.C.
  • John Simpson
  • Donald Taylor, O.C.
  • Ruth Taylor
  • Michael J. Tims
  • Mac Van Wielingen
  • David Werklund