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Welcome to our medical school!  Our school strives to innovate and apply state-of-the-art concepts in human cognition when designing all aspects of our curriculum and evaluations.

Notwithstanding our reputation for having a relevant and modern curriculum we are just as proud of how we perform using more traditional metrics.  For instance our school enjoys full accreditation status from the same body that accredits medical schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins. We received full accreditation at our last visit (2008) without the need for follow-up visits that other schools have been required to do.  Our graduates' pass rate on both parts of the national Medical Council of Canada exams is one of the best in the country.  Once graduated, our students match to the specialty programs of their choice with the same success as other medical schools.  And all of this in three years! As I think you can see, we are very proud of our program.

Thank you for your interest in the Undergraduate Medical Education Program at the University of Calgary.  I hope you enjoy finding out more about the MD Program as you peruse this website.


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