Class of 2021

Fetsami Araya

Fetsami Araya, BA(Hons)'21

Job-ready skills propel UCalgary grad into the future of data

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Erin Brintnell

Erin Brintnell, BHSc'21

Study of COVID-19 dataset inspires student to follow a different path

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Shane Bosomworth

Dr. Shane Bosomworth, DVM'21

Vet med grad returns to rural Alberta to pursue his calling

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Jonathan Cann

Dr. Jonathan Cann, PhD'21

Sharing chemistry’s wonders thrills science grad

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Bernice Cheung

Bernice Cheung, BComm'21, BMus'21

From equations to ethnomusicology

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Tina Dadgostar

Tina Dadgostar, MPlan’21

Market garden, anyone? Students help residents envision a new neighbourhood

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Goundo Diarra

Goundo Diarra, BA(Hons)'21

Far from home, she's passionate about helping refugees find their way

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Eric Donaldson

Eric Donaldson, MKin’21

COVID cancellation was a game-changer — in a surprising and gratifying direction

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Adesua Egbase

Adesua Egbase, BKin'21

Taste of research opened many new doors for kinesiology grad

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Rosmin Esmail

Dr. Rosmin Esmail, PhD'21

Let the knowledge translation countdown begin

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Caleb John, MEng'21

Machine learning tabbed as tool for identifying those at risk of chronic homelessness

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Emily Kaing

Emily Kaing, MLA'21

Landscape architecture grad has a deep reverence for nature as she reimagines cities

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Salvatore Federico

Dr. Salvatore Federico

When the teacher becomes the student

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Kyle Kemp

Dr. Kyle Kemp, PhD'21

Patient survey gap inspired doctorate topic

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Liam Kronlund

Dr. Liam Kronlund, BSc'14, MSc'18, MD'21

Love of country life leads new doctor to rural practice

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Darius Leung, Siobhan Zobatar, Certificate '21

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education grads get set for life after university

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Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang, MSc'18, JD'21

Supreme Court clerkship awaits multi-talented Faculty of Law grad

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Aspen Lillywhite

Aspen Lillywhite, BCR'21

Undergrad embraces empowering new way of thinking about people with disabilities

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Lacee Many Grey Horses

Lacee Many Grey Horses, BSc'21

‘Don’t give up’ attitude takes student in direction of health and wellness career

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Louanne Moriarty

Louanne Moriarty, JD'21

What an education – oversee online transition of a student clinic during COVID

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Tharakesh Munugur

Tharakesh Munugur, MBA'21

Where's Tharakesh Munugur? Oh, he's probably networking

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Kristy Myles

Kristy Myles, MA'21

Grad advocates for inclusive, fair and just use of emerging genomic technologies

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Alyjah Neil

Alyjah Neil, MSW'21

Indigiqueer advocacy and overcoming adversity define grad student’s experience

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Savannah Poirier Hollander

Savannah Poirier Hollander, BEd'21

'My classroom is a classroom of scientists'

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Luisa Rodrigues Felix Dalla Vecchia

Dr. Luisa Rodrigues Felix Dalla Vecchia, PhD'21

DIY social housing? This grad from Brazil is working on it

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Manpreet Sahota

Manpreet Sahota, BSc'21

Heart-led leadership key to success for science grad

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Arfa Saeed

Arfa Saeed, BSc’17, JD'21

Student found courage, competitive edge and lifelong friends

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Sara Scott

Sara Scott, MN'21

Troubled by diabetes’ toll, nurse returned to school

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Brooklyn Sheppard

Brooklyn Sheppard, BA(Hons)'21

Arts plus sciences equals fresh opportunities for linguistics major

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Daniel Szefer

Daniel Szefer, BMus'21

Young pianist who left Chicago to study at UCalgary goes home ready to take on the world

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Avery Triggs

Avery Triggs, BN'21

Nursing student sets sights on career in ICU after graduation

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Valentina Villamil

Valentina Villamil, BCR'21

Childhood move to Canada sparked a lifelong joy in learning language

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Kendra Wannamaker, MSc'21

Kendra Wannamaker

'Infinite' learning possibilities inspire creative computer science grad

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Chelsey Zurowski 

Dr. Chelsey Zurowski, DVM'21

Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, cows, horse, goats — oh my!

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