Checklist for writing a UCalgary News article

What are the requirements of a UCalgary News article? Here’s a checklist for faculty communicators and other contributors


Around 500 words preferred, longer if warranted. Caution: Most busy readers of UCalgary News spend about two minutes with each article

Job titles

Be specific when identifying job titles and departmental affiliations


Readers (and editors!) appreciate stories filed soon after an event

Link, link, link

Embed links to more information. Include contact information, registration details, calls to action, etc.

In their own words

Verbatim quotes add credibility and colour, especially for a non-specialist audience

Third person

Write in the third-person point of view, like most news reporting 

Sign-off from your sources

UCalgary News writers are required to fact-check stories and quotes with each story’s sources 

Photo too

A photo helps illustrate the story and attract readers, especially when it portrays people and emotion, is unusual in some way, or captures a defining moment

Support staff

How users read on the web

They don't read — they scan. When you write for the web, consider the advice of Nielsen Norman Group, a global expert in research-based user experience 

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