Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work

Courses recommended in your first year

Winter semester

Junior Option

Junior Option

Junior Option


General courses in English, Academic Writing, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Indigenous Studies, Human Development, Communication and Culture, Ethics, Research Methods, Health and Society, History, Social Welfare and Social Policy, Public Administration and Policy, Gender and Sexuality studies, Anthropology, Community Rehabilitation studies can help prepare you for success in the social work program,

Fall semester

Junior Option

Junior Option

Junior Option

Junior Option


Remember to register for both fall and winter semesters at the same time.

Students are officially admitted to the third year of BSW program and are required to complete 60 units. Information about program requirements can be found in the University Calendar in section 4. Program Details.

The BSW program in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge is delivered in-class and in-person. Our Virtual Learning Circles BSW allows you to stay home and take your classes online. Each year you'll have to attend one week-long, block course on campus.


You are welcome to contact a Social Work advisor for assistance with your program planning, registration, and degree requirements, or any other aspect of your program and student life. The easiest way to connect with us is to email

Calgary campus
MacKimmie Tower (MT) 301

Edmonton campus
3-250, 10230 Jasper Avenue

Lethbridge campus
E526, University Hall
4401 University Drive

Study Abroad: Experience different cultures, gain a better understanding of social issues and social work practice in other countries, travel around the globe all while earning credit towards your degree.

SWSA: Join the ‘Social Work Students’ Association’ and participate in events aimed at developing and improving the professional, academic, and social lives of BSW, MSW and PhD students in the Faculty of Social Work.

Co-Curricular Record: The first of its kind in Western Canada, have your out-of-classroom experiences such as volunteer work, leadership training and club involvement documented on an official record.