Bachelor of Science


Congratulations on being accepted into the Bachelor of Science degree program.

The Bachelor of Science degree is offered as either a B.Sc., or B.Sc. (Honours). They both require the completion of 120 units (equivalent to 40 courses) and normally four years of full-time study (10 courses per year).

Courses required in your first year

1. Students who don't meet the prerequisites for Physics 227 may take Physics 211 or 221 instead.

2. Mathematics 249 is open only to students without MATH 31.

3. Datas Science 201 is a prerequisite for Data Science 211 and would need to be taken in the fall semester.

4. Any course offered by the Faculty of Arts, excluding courses in Table 1.

5. An Open Option is any course offered by any Faculty.

Remember to register for both fall and winter semesters at the same time.

Degree programs and courses are each housed in a specific Faculty. You have chosen a degree program in the Faculty of Science.  

Your Major refers to the subject area you would like your Bachelor of Science degree to focus on (i.e. the subject area you want to take the most courses in).

Explore all the different majors, specializations and concentrations the Faculty of Science has to offer.

If you are one of many students who haven’t quite decided on their degree of choice, visit an Exploratory Advisor in the Student Success Centre or sign up for a workshop.

First Year Tip

Take courses from a number of different areas in your first year. Please note that, initially, registration in some courses is only available to students admitted to the programs the courses are required for. Other courses are reserved entirely to students in specific degree programs. Make sure to register early for courses in your degree program and review the pre-requisites and reservation dates when choosing options.

You may be eligible to use your International Baccalaureate credit or Advanced Placement credit in your degree program depending on the program you have entered and whether or not the courses are applicable.

You may view your IB or AP transfer credit by logging in to your online Student Centre (

Once you know the transfer credit you have received, you may contact the academic advisor in your Faculty to get advice on how the credit applies to your degree. Once you choose your classes you will follow the same registration process as any first time university student.

First Year Tip

If you received IB or AP credit for a 200-level course, you may take the 300-level course that has your 200-level course listed as a prerequisite. For example, if you received IB credit for CHEM 203, you can take CHEM 351, as CHEM 203 is a prerequisite for CHEM 351.

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International Study Opportunities: Experience different cultures, gain a better understanding of world issues, and travel around the globe, all while earning credit towards your degree. UCalgary offers exchanges and study abroad programs in 61 different countries.

Community Service-Learning: Combine your classroom learning with volunteer work that achieves community goals, and see first-hand how your academic learning relates to social issues.

Arts and Science Honours Academy: Be part of a unique program that combines collaborative study, global opportunities and academic challenge. The ASHA program brings together 25 like-minded high achieving students to learn and study in six distinct scholars courses. As an Arts and Science Honours Academy student, you will be one of a class of the best and brightest at UCalgary.