Health and Society

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Courses required in your first year

Fall semester

Major Option1

Major Option1


1. Major Options: Geography 254Economics 201Economics 203, and 200 level Political Science 2XXAnthropology 203Psychology 200201Sociology 201CORE 205207.

Health and Society students are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator in Health Sciences if they have questions or need help with course registration (to ensure appropriate course selection), program guidance and research information.

2. Any 200-level half-course English.

3. Any course selected from the following departments: Classics and Religion; English; Philosophy: School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures; or Medical Science 307

View more information about the concentration areas and courses Health and Society majors may choose from.

Winter semester

Major Option1

English Option 2


Remember to register for both fall and winter semesters at the same time.

Program Coordinator: Jennifer Logan

Email: jljlogan@ucalgary ca 

If you are coming to the University of Calgary with Advanced Placement credit or International Baccalaureate credit, you will follow the same registration process as any first-time university student. You may be eligible to use your transfer credit in your degree program depending on the program you have entered and whether the courses are applicable. Look for International Baccalaureate credit information at and Advanced Placement information at

You may view your transfer credit by logging in to your online Student Centre. Once you know the transfer credit you have received, you may contact the Program Coordinator in Health Sciences to get advice on course selection.

Generally, students must complete 3.0 full course equivalents (6 half course equivalents or 18 units) at the junior (200-level) before they are allowed to register in 300-level courses. However, if you received IB or AP credit for a 200-level course, you may take the 300-level course that has your 200-level course listed as a prerequisite.

Research Opportunities: The Bachelor of Health Sciences in the O’Brien Centre encourages students to pursue a variety of health research experiences throughout their years of study in the program. Summer studentships and scholarship opportunities are offered to motivated BHSc students to facilitate summer research placements. Please contact the Program Coordinator Jennifer Logan for more information.

Study Abroad: Experience different cultures, gain a better understanding of world issues, and travel around the globe, all while earning credit towards your degree. The University of Calgary offers exchanges and study abroad programs in 61 different countries.

Community Service-Learning: Combine your classroom learning with volunteer work that achieves community goals and see first-hand how your academic learning relates to social issues.

Co-Curricular Record: Have your out-of-classroom experiences such as volunteer work, leadership training and club involvement documented on a Co-Curricular Record, an official document sanctioned by the University of Calgary. The Co-Curricular Record is the first of its kind in Western Canada.