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Faculty of Graduate Studies General Information


The mission of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary is to promote academic excellence in graduate programs and enhance the graduate student experience by developing and implementing policies that support academic success, building positive partnerships with graduate programs and faculties and providing services to graduate students. The Faculty is also closely involved in the administration of over $30 million annually in financial awards for graduate study.

Contact Information:

Location: Earth Sciences 1010
Faculty number: 403.220.4938
Fax: 403.289.7635
Email address:

Student information: Enquiries concerning graduate programs should be directed to the unit offering the program. The Faculty website contains direct links to units offering graduate programs:

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Lisa Young

Senior Associate Dean:
Robin Yates

Associate Deans:
Jalel Azaiez (Policy)
Suzanne Curtin (Students)
Dave Hansen (Scholarships and Internationalization)

Office Staff:
Gillian Robinson, Senior Director, Strategic Operations
Susan Larsen, Executive Assistant to the Vice-Provost and Dean
Kim Suvan, Administrative Assistant, Dean’s office

Jaya Dixit, Graduate Academic and International Specialist
Michelle Speta, Graduate Academic and International Specialist
Calvin Lac, Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Veronica Vincent, Marketing and Communications Specialist
Tanya Zdorenko, Graduate Calendar Co-ordinator

Cathie Stiven, Manager, Graduate Awards
Jamie Pryde, Team Lead, Graduate Awards
Erin Coburn, Graduate Scholarship Officer
Erin O'Toole, Graduate Scholarship Officer
Joan Tetrault, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Awards

Safia Nathoo, Manager, Graduate Enrolment
Corey Wilkes, Team Lead, Graduate Admissions and Records
Robin Hawes, Graduate Program Officer
Carmen Ho, Graduate Program Officer
Catalina Kovacs, Graduate Program Officer
Joanna Wong, Graduate Program Officer

Tara Christie, Manager, My GradSkills Program
Daniel Ferguson, Communications and Events Specialist, My GradSkills Program
Jen Smith, Administrative Assistant, My GradSkills Program
Natalie Wilkinson-Houghton, Graduate Internships, My GradSkills Program

Nicholas Beck, Faculty Administrative Officer
Christine Verwoerd, Faculty Administrative Assistant