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Graduate Studies Calendar 2013-2014 Fees and Expenses Fee Adjustments and Refunds
Fee Adjustments and Refunds

Students have until the posted deadline dates to make course additions and deletions without penalty. Please refer to the Academic Schedule for these dates.

Students who make course changes after the posted deadline will be assessed a $60.00 late fee for each Change of Course Registration form processed.

After the fee payment deadline, a student may withdraw from a course up to the last day of lectures, but no refund of any portion of the tuition fees will be made.

A course-based student is assessed a tuition fee equivalent to a graduate half course tuition fee at the time of his/her annual registration. If the student cancels their program registration before the posted deadline for his/her annual registration term, the tuition fee will be refunded. If the student withdraws from program after the fee payment deadline for his/her annual registration year, the tuition fee will not be refunded whether or not the student has registered in a course for that term. A course-based student who withdraws from a course before the posted deadline will receive a refund of the tuition fees only if he/she has already taken at least one half course within that registration year.

Thesis-based students who withdraw from individual courses will not have any changes made to their fee assessment for the year.

Thesis-based students who withdraw from a graduate program will have tuition fees pro-rated to the end of the term in which they withdraw. If the student cancels program registration before the fee payment deadline for his/her annual registration term, the tuition fees will be refunded.

General fees are not refunded following the fee payment deadline.