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Graduate Studies Calendar 2013-2014 Handbook of Supervision and Examination
Handbook of Supervision and Examination

This handbook contains the rules, guidelines and procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies that pertain to the administration of graduate programs and to the appointment of graduate supervisors. While the rules are stated in fixed or absolute terms, it is intended that they be administered with some degree of flexibility and, to that end, the Dean of Graduate Studies and his/her designates are empowered to grant exceptions, extensions and variances, upon written request and explanation. Requests, whether from students or faculty members, should be made over the signature of the Graduate Coordinator of the program concerned.

The Head of a Department, Director of an interdisciplinary program or, in the case of non-departmentalized faculties, the Dean of the Faculty, is responsible for graduate programs. However, this responsibility is normally delegated to a Graduate Coordinator. In this document, for the sake of clarity in describing common practice, the Graduate Coordinator is referred to as the person responsible for the graduate program.

Please note that in this document “the Dean” refers to the Dean of Graduate Studies unless otherwise noted. The Handbook of Supervision and Examination is published as part of the Graduate Calendar. Changes made to the regulations during the year are indicated in the official online Calendar.