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Combined Degree Programs

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has approved guidelines for Combined Degree Programs. A Combined Degree Program is a formal arrangement between two units offering programs whereby students may be registered simultaneously in two graduate programs (or in one Master’s program and one professional program such as JD or MD that normally admits students with undergraduate degrees). The University of Calgary presently offers the following combined degree programs: JD/MBA, MBT/MBA, MSW/MBA, MSc/MBA, PhD/MBA, MD/Master’s and MD/PhD.

The University of Calgary also provides opportunities for excellent doctoral students to undertake doctoral studies in collaboration with other universities nationally and internationally through the Doctoral Cotutelle Program. A doctoral cotutelle is a PhD degree designed, supervised and examined by faculty from two universities and jointly awarded by both universities. Visit for more information.

Information and application packages are available from the relevant graduate programs.

Leaders In Medicine

The Leaders in Medicine program at the University of Calgary offers students the opportunity to earn simultaneously both a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree and a graduate degree (PhD, MSc, MA, MBA, etc.). The objective of Leaders in Medicine is to train clinicians for a diverse range of careers ranging from academic medical research to the design, management and implementation of health care delivery systems. Individuals trained in Leaders in Medicine can expect to develop a unique academic approach to their clinical experiences as well as bring a clinical perspective to their research.

Students in Leaders in Medicine will be jointly enrolled in the MD program and in any of the graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Although the most common graduate programs participating in Leaders in Medicine are the eight offered by the Faculty of Medicine (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Cardiovascular/Respiratory Sciences; Community Health Sciences; Gastrointestinal Sciences; Immunology; Medical Science; Microbiology and Infectious Diseases; Neuroscience), students from other programs, including Philosophy and Engineering, have taken part.

Students wishing to apply to Leaders in Medicine should have an excellent academic record and strong motivation towards a career in academic medicine. Previous research experience is highly desirable. Applicants must apply separately to the Faculty of Medicine for the MD program and to the selected graduate program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and be recommended for admission by each program. Prospective applicants must also complete a supplemental application for the Leaders in Medicine program: forms may be obtained from the Graduate Sciences Education Office (Faculty of Medicine). Students normally apply for the combined degree program during the first two years of either the MD or the graduate program. Expected completion time is five years for the MD/Masters programs and seven years for MD/PhD programs. Maximum completion time is six years for the MD/Masters program and eight years for the MD/PhD program.

For more information, contact:
Leaders in Medicine, Health Sciences Centre, Room G321.
Telephone: 403.210.9572
Fax: 403.210.8109
or visit the website:

Master of Social Work/Master of Business Administration (MSW/MBA)

The Master of Social Work/Master of Business Administration (MSW/MBA) program is designed to prepare students for competent and visionary management of human service organizations. This program is available only to full-time, course-based Master’s students in the Leadership in the Human Services specialization in the Faculty of Social Work. The combined program shortens the time for completion of the two degrees from three academic years to two 12-month years. See the program descriptions for the Faculty of Social Work and the Haskayne School of Business for further information.

Master of Biomedical Technology/Master of Business Administration (MBT/MBA)

The Master of Biomedical Technology/Master of Business Administration (MBT/MBA) program provides students with managerial skills as well as essential scientific skills and competencies for successful careers in biotechnology business. The combined degree program is targeted at graduate students who are interested in a dual skill set to prepare them for biotechnology jobs in industry, research and government at all levels from the bench to the boardroom. The combined degree allows students to obtain both degrees in a shorter time frame than would be possible taking each degree separately. See the program descriptions for the Master of Biomedical Technology program and the Haskayne School of Business for further information.

Bachelor of Laws/Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA)

The Bachelor of Laws/Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA) program enables students to complete an undergraduate degree in law while studying for a graduate degree in business. This program is open only to students enrolled in the Haskayne MBA program on a full-time basis. See the program descriptions for the Faculty of Law and the Haskayne School of Business for further information.

Interdisciplinarity at University of Calgary

Interdisciplinary Specialization

Most graduate programs include some interdisciplinary work. The following interdisciplinary specializations have been formalized by the programs involved to facilitate the study and research capability:

Biological Anthropology (Anthropology, Archaeology and Medical Science)
Clinical Research (Kinesiology, Medicine, Nursing, Social Work)
Energy and Environmental Systems (Engineering, Environmental Design, Management, Law, Sciences, Social Sciences)
Israel Studies (History, Political Science, English, Religious Studies and Centre for Military and Strategic Studies)
Reservoir Characterization (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and Geology and Geophysics)

Please see the section on “Interdisciplinary Specializations” for more information.