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A.1 Classification of Students
A.2 Undergraduate Admission
A.3 Deadline Dates for Undergraduate Applications for Admission and Transcripts
A.4 General Admission Procedures
A.5 Undergraduate Admission Requirements
A.6 Required to Withdraw Students
A.7 Home-Schooled Applicants
A.8 Special Admission Categories
A.9 Diverse Qualifications Admission Process
A.10 Combined or Concurrent Degree Admissions
A.11 English Language Proficiency
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A.13 Admission Appeals
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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 Admissions
A. Admissions

All enquiries relating to admission should be directed as follows:

Undergraduate Admissions
MacKimmie Block, Room 117                         Telephone: 403.210.7625
2500 University Drive N.W.             Email:
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4               Web:

Cumming School of Medicine
(Medical Doctor)
Room G740 - Health Sciences Centre       Telephone: 403.220.4262
3330 Hospital Drive N.W.                        Email:
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Environmental Design                           Telephone: 403.220.4388
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Earth Sciences, Room 1010
Telephone: 403.220.4938
2500 University Drive N.W.                       Email:
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Law Admissions
Murray Fraser Hall                                  Telephone: 403.220.4155
2500 University Drive N.W.                      Email:
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Veterinary Medicine Admissions
TRW 2D01, 3280 Hospital Drive N.W.          Telephone: 403.220.8699
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4Z6                           Email:

The courses of study in the University of Calgary are, unless otherwise noted, are open to all qualified students. The University reserves the right to establish programs or pathways to support disadvantaged groups.

The language of instruction at the University of Calgary is English except in certain courses. As resources permit, selected courses in some disciplines may also be offered in other languages.

Admissions -- Table of Contents

ChapterA.1 Classification of Students
SubChapterA.1.1 Undergraduate Students
SubChapterA.1.2 Graduate Students
ChapterA.2 Undergraduate Admission
ChapterA.3 Deadline Dates for Undergraduate Applications for Admission and Transcripts
ChapterA.4 General Admission Procedures
SubChapterA.4.1 Application for Admission
SubChapterA.4.2 Application Fee
SubChapterA.4.3 Supporting Documents
SubChapterA.4.4 Admission Deposit
SubChapterA.4.5 Deferral of Admission
ChapterA.5 Undergraduate Admission Requirements
SubChapterA.5.1 Canadian High School Students
SubChapterA.5.1.1 Admission Requirements
SubChapterA.5.1.2 Standard Admission Process for Current High School Students
SubChapterA.5.1.3 Early Admission Process for Current High School Students
SubChapterA.5.1.4 Finalizing Admission
SubChapterA.5.1.5 Alternate Admission Offers
SubChapterA.5.2 International High School Admissions
SubChapterA.5.2.1 International Baccalaureate (IB)
SubChapterA.5.3 Transferring from Another Post-Secondary Institution
SubChapterA.5.3.1 Transfer Admission Requirements
SubChapterA.5.3.2 Supplementary Admission Requirements
SubChapterA.5.4 Adult Student Admission
SubChapterA.5.5 Second-Degree Students
ChapterA.6 Required to Withdraw Students
ChapterA.7 Home-Schooled Applicants
ChapterA.8 Special Admission Categories
SubChapterA.8.1 Visiting Students
SubChapterA.8.2 Visiting Student Researcher
SubChapterA.8.3 Exchange Students
SubChapterA.8.4 Aboriginal Student Access Program (ASAP)
SubChapterA.8.5 Dual Credit Students
ChapterA.9 Diverse Qualifications Admission Process
ChapterA.10 Combined or Concurrent Degree Admissions
ChapterA.11 English Language Proficiency
SubChapterA.11.1 International Foundations Program
ChapterA.12 Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing
SubChapterA.12.1 International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
SubChapterA.12.2 Advanced Placement (AP) Program
SubChapterA.12.3 General Certificate of Education - Advanced Levels
ChapterA.13 Admission Appeals
ChapterA.14 Admission to Open Studies (Degree holder and Non-Degree holder)
SubChapterA.14.1 Application Deadline
SubChapterA.14.2 Admission Requirements
ChapterA.15 Auditing Regulations