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University of Calgary Calendar 2013-2014 Who's Who University of Calgary Students' Union
University of Calgary Students' Union
71st Students' Legislative Council


  • Raphael Jacob

VP Academic

  • Emily Macphail

VP External

  • Conner Brown

VP Operations and Finance

  • Eric Termuende

VP Student Life

  • Ben Cannon

Board of Governors Representative

  • Michael Smith


  • TBA

Faculty Representatives

The number of faculty representatives sitting on SLC corresponds with the number of students in a given faculty. The following faculty representatives will serve on The 71st Students’ Legislative Council:


  • Jarett Henry
  • Zainab Malik
  • Levi Nilson
  • Maggie Pham


  • Kimberley Lawrence

Haskayne School of Business

  • Jasmine Chitroda
  • Krzysztof Iwanicki


  • Lauren Voss


  • Jessica Mary Babineau


  • Jay (Yuanjian) Wang


  • Joseph Aisekhalaye

Schulich School of Engineering

  • Praveen Mahendra
  • Shahir Mishriki


  • Jacqueline Boon
  • Amar Deshwar
  • Jacob Nasser

Social Work

  • Michael Rhys Davies

Veterinary Medicine

  • Jessica Law