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Summary of Revisions
University of Calgary Calendar 2013-2014 Summary of Revisions
Summary of Revisions

The online Calendar is the official University Calendar.  In the event of any discrepancy between the print version and the online version of the Calendar, the current online version will apply.

The online Calendar is updated periodically. Revisions to the online Calendar are indicated with the word "" on the page. For more details on what has been changed, please see below.

Updated Dec. 1, 2013
Faculty of Science Neuroscience -- Admission and Student Standing (p. 251)

Psychology 201 should not be listed as a course required for admission to the program.

Courses of Instruction

Nursing 644 (p. 456)

The prerequisite should be Nursing 642, not 641.

Updated Oct. 1, 2013
Undergraduate Admissions

A.6.1 (p. 26)

The deadline for the application fee is March 1, 2014, not May 1, 2014.

Courses of Instruction

Public Policy 623 (p. 477)

This has been changed to "Not Included in GPA".

Updated September 11, 2013
Courses of Instruction

Education Research 707 (p. 357)

This should include the note "May Be Repeated for Credit".

Updated August 22, 2013
Academic Schedule

December 2013 and December 2014 (pp. 6 and 8)

Last day to submit Application for Degree for the February ... conferral of degrees should read February 2014 and February 2015, respectively.

Academic Schedule

May 2014 (p. 7)

Convocation for Faculties of Law, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine takes place on Thursday, May 8, not May 9.

Academic Regulations

H.9.1 Hoods (p. 48)

The following degrees should be added:

Faculty of Graduate Studies:

MP - russet

MPP - turquoise

PDipl - colour of discipline

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - grey*

DVM - asphalt

Updated as of July 31, 2013
Academic Schedule

July 2013 (p. 6)

July 23rd is a lecture day, so the "no lectures" bullet should come out.

Combined Degrees

Combined Degrees chart (p. 10)

Kinesiology/Nursing is no longer offered.

Student Services

Student Accessibility Services (p. 15) has moved to MacEwan Student Centre 452

Centre for Community-Engaged Learning (p. 17) has moved to MacEwan Student Centre 295

Leadership and Student Engagement (p. 17) has moved to MacEwan Student Centre 293

Undergraduate Admissions

A.19.2 (p. 35) International Baccalaureate (IB) Program:

Mathematics equates to Mathematics 251 or Applied Mathematics 217.

The Russian and Spanish should read: Russian A or B (=Russian 201/209); Spanish A or B (= Spanish 201/203).

Undergraduate Admissions

A.19.3 (p. 35) Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Spanish Language (= Spanish 303) should be removed.

Undergraduate Admissions

A.19.4 (p. 36) General Certificate of Education - Advanced Levels

The following GCE course has been added:

Psychology = University of Calgary's Psychology 200.

Faculty of Arts

4.14.6 (p. 89) Field of Film Studies

Communication and Culture 580 should be Communications Studies 580.

Faculty of Arts

4.31 (p. 106)

The reference to Arabic 202 in the Introduction should be Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures 202.

Faculty of Arts

4.31.4 (p. 108) Field of East Asian Studies and 4.31.5 (p. 108) Minor in East Asian Studies

Chinese 471 should not be included in these lists.

Faculty of Arts

4.33 (p. 109)

The reference in the Introduction to the minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies should be Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies.

Faculty of Arts

4.43 (p. 117) Field of Law and Society

History 473 should have been included in Courses with a Focus on Law and Society.

Faculty of Arts

4.49 (p. 125)

In the Field of Music, the footnote lists courses from which minors may count up to a maximum of 1.0 full-course equivalent. It should match the list for the majors, therefore it should read: Music 201, 301, 302, 304, 305, 401, 402 and 405.

Schulich School of Engineering

4.2 Chemical Engineering Approved Technical Electives for All Minors and Specializations (p. 198)

Biomedical Engineering 511 and 515 should have asterisks (*).

Schulich School of Engineering

4.11 (p. 209) Energy and Environment Approved Technical Electives

Geomatics Engineering 581 should have been included in this list.

Schulich School of Engineering

5. Administration (p. 211)

W. Rosehart is the Interim Dean.

Faculty of Science

5.5.12 (p. 244) Actuarial Science and Economics or Statistics

Economics should be removed from the title and text.

Faculty of Science

5.6.3 Natural Sciences (p. 248)

The Director has changed to R. Cartar.

Courses of Instruction

Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures

New courses offered by the Departments of Linguistics, Languages and Cultures (formerly the Departments of Linguistics, and German, Slavic and East Asian Studies).

Courses of Instruction

Mathematics 445 (p. 433)

The prerequisite should be Mathematics 311 or 313.

Courses of Instruction

Mathematics 601 (p. 433)

The antirequisite should read: "Credit for more than one of Mathematics 501 ..." (Mathematics was omitted in error.

Courses of Instruction

Physics 223 (p. 465)

Hours changed to H(3-1T-3.2) from H(3-3).

Courses of Instruction

Physics 597 (p. 467)

The prerequisite should read as Physics 491 and 325 (not "or").

Senior Administration 2013/14 (p. 521)

The Dean of Haskayne should be J. Dewald, not L. Waverman.