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University of Calgary Calendar 2013-2014 Academic Regulations F. Academic Standing F.9 Transcripts
F.9 Transcripts

"Official" transcripts are transcripts which bear the University seal and signature and are either:

(a) Mailed directly to an institution or agency by Enrolment Services, or

(b) Given to students in a sealed, tamper-evident envelope which they can forward themselves, unopened. (Note: A few institutions will not accept these as "official" transcripts.)

(c) Given to student NOT in a sealed, tamper-evident envelope. (Note: Many institutions will not accept these as "official" transcripts).

Students requiring transcripts of their University of Calgary record may request these via the web (http://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar), in person at Enrolment Services, or by personal letter. Payment must be made at the time of the request. Visa and MasterCard must be used for requests via the web. Transcripts cannot be issued on the basis of a telephone call or an email.

Information regarding current costs of transcripts is available at http://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar.

Optional courier delivery is also available. Rates vary based on the destination. See the web for details.