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University of Calgary Calendar 2011-2012 Welcome A Message from the President
A Message from the President

Welcome to the University of Calgary, a community that includes over 30,000 students from around the world and 145,000 alumni.

You have taken an important step in your life. From here you will go on to become our community’s doctors, politicians, engineers, scientists and artists. Like those before you, you will have the opportunity to tackle societal challenges, expand scientific horizons, illuminate and educate, and otherwise make significant and meaningful contributions to the world in which we live.

We’re pleased to be joining you on this journey.

We recognize that a university education is about more than what happens in the classroom. The University of Calgary and its Students’ Union offer all students, and in particular undergraduate students, unique opportunities to be engaged through experiential or hands-on-learning, study abroad opportunities, co-op placements, Quality Money ($2M provided annually to students to invest in enhancing the overall student experience) and our mentorship program—Emerging Leaders.

The University of Calgary became the first university in Canada to offer a four-year graduation guarantee to students embarking upon four-year degree programs in certain faculties. Through a mutual commitment on behalf of students and the university, the Graduation Guarantee program offers incoming students an agreement that ensures they will be able to graduate within four years, or the University of Calgary will pay the tuition for any extra courses needed to finish.

We also encourage you to register for the Co-Curricular Record—another student program to help you as you progress through your program here and head toward the career that awaits you. This Record is an official university document that recognizes a student's community, leadership and volunteer activities outside of the classroom, and it is invaluable to both students and future employers as graduates enter the workforce. The University of Calgary has had a larger take up of this program than any other university in Canada with more than 7,000 students having signed up since the program was introduced in 2008.

Your arrival at the University of Calgary this year means you will benefit from the most significant capital expansion the University of Calgary has ever undertaken to improve teaching, learning and research spaces in high-demand areas. Our newest learning, research and social spaces include the Taylor Family Digital Library, University of Calgary Downtown Campus, Energy, Environment and Experiential Learning building and Yamnuska Hall, our newest residence. It’s an exciting time to be a student.

The university is committed to ensuring that each of you has the opportunity to develop the critical thinking and other skills required to succeed professionally and personally. Our University motto, Mo shùile togam suas, roughly means “I will lift up my eyes”. Let those words guide everything you do during your time here. Look up and look forward and know that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Elizabeth Cannon