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University of Calgary Calendar 2010-2011 Schulich School of Engineering 4. Program Details 4.9 Oil & Gas Engineering
4.9 Oil & Gas Engineering

Refer to 3.1 Admissions.

2nd Year

1. Applied Mathematics 307 Differential Equations for Engineers

2. Chemistry 357 Industrial Organic Chemistry for Engineers

3. Chemical Engineering 315 Chemical Engineering Process Calculation

4. Chemical Engineering 331 Process Fluid Dynamics

5. Engineering 319 Probability and Statistics for Engineers

6. Engineering 325 Electric Circuits and Systems1

7. Engineering 311 Engineering Thermodynamics

8. Engineering 317 Mechanics of Solids

9. Engineering 349 Engineering Mechanics II

10. Petroleum Engineering 313 Introduction to Flow in Porous Media

11. Geology 377 Petroleum Engineering Geology

12. Complementary Studies Course (one half-course equivalent)

Block Course - Chemical Engineering 101 Computing Tools H(32 hours)


1. Engineering 325 Electric Circuits and Systems will not be offered in 2011/2012. Students who have not successfully completed Engineering 325 Electric Circuits and Systems by the end of the Fall 2010 session will be required to complete Engineering 225 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits and Machines.

3rd Year

1. Chemical Engineering 401 Analyses of Chemical, Oil & Gas Engineering

2. Chemical Engineering 403 Heat Transfer

3. Chemical Engineering 405 Separation Processes I

4. Chemical Engineering 427 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

5. Engineering 407 Numerical Methods in Engineering

6. Petroleum Engineering 423 Oil & Gas Engineering Process Development

7. Petroleum Engineering 507 Well Logging and Formation Evaluation

8. Petroleum Engineering 515 Drilling and Well Completions

9. Petroleum Engineering 429 Reservoir Engineering

10. Petroleum Engineering 533 Petroleum Production Engineering

11.,12. Complementary Studies Courses (two half-course equivalents)

4th Year

1. Chemical Engineering 501 Transport Phenomena

2. Engineering 513 The Role and Responsibilities of the Professional Engineer in Society

3. Petroleum Engineering 505 Oil & Gas Separation Processes

4. Petroleum Engineering 511 Design for Oil & Gas Engineering I

5. Petroleum Engineering 525 Waterflooding and Enhanced Oil Recovery

6. Petroleum Engineering 531 Design for Oil & Gas Engineering II

7. Petroleum Engineering 551 Petroleum Engineering Laboratory

8. Petroleum Engineering 509 Well Testing

9., 10. Technical Electives (two half-course equivalents)

11. Complementary Studies Course (one half-course equivalent)

Oil & Gas Engineering Approved Technical Electives

Select two half-course equivalents.

Chemistry 579 Surface and Colloid Chemistry for Engineers

Chemical Engineering 503 Upgrading and Refining Processes

Chemical Engineering 537 Computational Thermodynamics

Energy and Environment, Engineering 501 Pollution Prevention and control for Energy Industry

Energy and Environment, Engineering 503 Life Cycle Assessment

Energy and Environment, Engineering 505 Effluent Treatment Processes for Energy Industry

Energy and Environment, Engineering 555 Energy and Environmental Systems Analysis

Petroleum Engineering 519 Special Topics

Petroleum Engineering 543 Geological Characterization of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Petroleum Engineering 555 Oil & Gas Field Safety and Environment

Petroleum Engineering 561 Fuel Science and Technology

Petroleum Engineering 563 Materials Aspects of Oil & Gas Production

Petroleum Engineering 571 Unconventional Oil Exploitation

Petroleum Engineering 573 Unconventional Gas Exploitation