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University of Calgary Calendar 2010-2011 Schulich School of Engineering 4. Program Details 4.16 Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in the Schulich School of Engineering
4.16 Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in the Schulich School of Engineering

The Schulich School of Engineering in partnership with the Haskayne School of Business offers a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (MEED) open to all engineering students. MEED typically commences in Year Two of the engineering program and consists of five Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) courses, all of which are currently offered by the Haskayne School of Business plus any five fourth-year engineering courses that are taken as part of the normal requirements for the engineering degree. Thus, to satisfy MEED requirements, students must receive credit for five half courses over and above the engineering degree requirements.


Students apply for admission to MEED at the same time as they apply for their choice of engineering program specialization, in April of their first year. Admission to the MEED program is limited to 50 students. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, admission will be decided on the basis of academic performance, using the same process as is used for admission to the engineering program specialization. If students apply later in their program than second year, they will be admitted in order of academic performance according to the number of spaces available. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order that the Haskayne School of Business may plan for the required number of places in the ENTI courses. Application forms are available from and should be submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Office, Schulich School of Engineering. Admission to the program depends upon the availability of space in the required ENTI courses.


Students must receive credit for five half courses in addition to five fourth-year engineering courses that are part of the undergraduate engineering degree requirements. The five courses that are to be completed in addition to the engineering degree requirements are:

1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation 201 Introduction to Business Venturing

2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation 381 Principles of Entrepreneurship

3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation 401 Opportunity Identification

4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation 405 New Venture Start-Up

5. One of the following options:

Business and Environment 395 Business Law for Strategic Decision-Makers*

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 403 New Venture Planning

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 499 Family Business Management

Finance 341 Canadian Business Finance

Finance 343 Personal Financial Management

Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics 321 Foundations in the Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics**

Management Information Systems 321 Information Systems in Business

Marketing 341 Introduction to Marketing

Operations Management 301 Introduction to Production and Operations Management**

Note: Entrepreneurship and Innovation 201 and 381 must be taken first in order to fulfill prerequisite requirements for the other Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses.

*Not available as an option to Geomatics Engineering students who have completed Operations Management 301 as a Technical Elective in their Geomatics program.

**Not available as an option to students in Manufacturing Engineering.


Regulations of the Schulich School of Engineering apply to students taking MEED courses. In order to have the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development appear on the student's transcript, the five-course MEED program must be completed before the student graduates.