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Space Physics SPPH

Instruction offered by members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the Faculty of Science.

Department Head - A.R. Taylor

Note: For listings of related courses, see Astronomy, Astrophysics, Medical Physics and Physics.

Senior Course

Space Physics 577 H(3-0)

Physics of the Upper Atmosphere

The processes which affect the neutral upper atmosphere. Topics will include the structure and composition of the earth's atmosphere, photochemical reactions, diffusion, circulation, radiative transfer, and measurement techniques.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Department.

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Graduate Course

Space Physics 671 H(3-0)

Physics of the Magnetosphere

Physics of the interaction between the earth's magnetic field and the fields and plasmas of the surrounding interplanetary environment. Topics include magnetic field models and coordinate systems, reconnection, current flow in the magnetosphere, substorms, and particle acceleration.

Prerequisites: Note: It is expected that a student's background will include Physics 509 and 555 or equivalent.

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