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Romance Studies ROST

Instruction offered by members of the Department of French, Italian and Spanish in the Faculty of Humanities.

Department Head - L. Torres

Junior Course

Romance Studies 299 H(3-1T)

Topics in Romance Culture

France, Italy and Spain: cultures of the Mediterranean.

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Senior Courses

Romance Studies 341 H(3-0)

Italian Literature of the Renaissance

Major authors of the Italian Renaissance whose works have influenced artists and writers in England, France and Spain.

Note: This course is given in English and no knowledge of Italian is required.

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Romance Studies 399 H(3-0)

Topics in Romance Languages

Topics in Romance Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Format and content may vary from year to year.


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Romance Studies 409 H(1-2)

Introduction to Translation and Practice

An introduction to translation theory and practice. Lectures will normally be given in English, with practical work in French or Spanish seminars. Format and content of course may vary from year to year.

Prerequisites: One of (a) French 317 plus two half-course equivalents in French at the 300 level; or (b) Spanish 303 and 323; or (c) consent of the Department.

Note: May be counted as one of the required courses at the 400 level for French and Spanish Majors.

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