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Innovation INNO

Instruction offered by members of the Faculties of Communication and Culture. For information visit the Faculty of Communication and Culture website,, or contact the Communication and Culture Faculty Office, (403) 220-6343.

Additional interdisciplinary courses are offered under the course headings African Studies; Canadian Studies; Central and East European Studies; Communications Studies; Development Studies; East Asian Studies; Film Studies, General Studies; Latin American Studies, Law and Society; Museum and Heritage Studies; Northern Planning and Development Studies; Science, Technology and Society; South Asian Studies; and Women's Studies.

Senior Courses

Innovation 321 H(3-0)

Principles of Innovation

Innovation is a process through which knowledge and new ideas are applied to create new economic and social benefits. Students are introduced to definitions, contexts, language, dynamics, historical and contemporary examples, issues, aspects, outcomes, pitfalls, and impacts of the innovation process from a multidisciplinary perspective. Literature on innovation is explored. Seeks to develop in students the intuitive and imaginative skills necessary for inventive processes, and to investigate the impact of the innovation process. Blend of face-to-face and web-based instruction.

Note: Open to students from all programs.

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Innovation 323 H(3-0)

The Practice of Innovation

Provides experience in the innovation process, to aid students to understand the nature of this creative process in different contexts, and to nurture innovative thinking. Hands-on project in multidisciplinary teams of students and professors. Student projects will take the form of case studies of and/or involvement in actual innovation processes in different contexts. Seeks to teach through experience and peer-based interaction the processes of invention. Session will end with an "innovation fair" of teams' presentations. Blend of face-to-face and web-based instruction.

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