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East Asian Studies EAST

Instruction offered under the direction of the Faculty of Communication and Culture. For information visit the Faculty of Communication and Culture website,, or contact the Communication and Culture Faculty Office, (403) 220-6343.

Division Head: T. Seiler

Additional interdisciplinary courses are offered under the course headings African Studies; Canadian Studies; Central and East European Studies; Communications Studies; Development Studies; Film Studies, General Studies; Innovation Studies, Latin American Studies; Law and Society; Museum and Heritage Studies; Northern Planning and Development Studies; Science, Technology and Society; South Asian Studies; and Women's Studies.

Senior Courses

East Asian Studies 317 H(3-0)

Understanding East Asia

Society, resources and environment; roots of ancient civilization; racial, ethnic and linguistic diversities; philosophic and religious traditions; arts and aesthetics; historical bases of tradition and modernity; role of education in social development; ideological differences and economic development. Primary focus on China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Note: Not open to students with credit in or concurrently registered in East Asia 300.

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East Asian Studies 319 H(3-0)

East Asian Values in a Canadian Setting

Examines the presence of East Asian values within Canada, their potential for greater acceptance in and contribution to Canadian life, and changes that would facilitate the acceptance of East Asians into the Canadian mainstream. East Asian values will be examined generically, as well as specifically to the cultures of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

Note: Not open to students with credit in General Studies 301.04.

Note: Previous course work in East Asian culture would be advantageous to the student.

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East Asian Studies 321 H(3-0)

Introduction to the Calgary Chinese Community

Provides instruction on the direct experience of important aspects of the Calgary Chinese community, including its history, commercial sector, entertainment facilities, and its cultural, social, and religious organizations.

Note: Not open to students with credit in General Studies 301.06.

Note: Course requires off-campus attendance with a considerable amount of walking involved.

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