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Academic Writing ACWR

Instruction offered under the direction of the Effective Writing Program in the Faculty of Communication and Culture.

Program Director - J. Andre

Introductory, intermediate, intermediate/advanced, and advanced courses in the writing styles, genres, and modes of evidence and reasoning appropriate to a specific discipline. Emphasis will be placed on connections between reading, writing, critical reasoning, and, where appropriate, other discourse forms such as oral and electronic presentation.

Specific sections of these courses will be offered in conjunction with academic departments and/or designated courses within those departments. Registration will be limited to students taking courses in the appropriate disciplines. See the Schedule of Classes for prerequisites and corequisites.

Senior Courses

Academic Writing 303 H(3-0)

Academic Writing for Specialized Audiences (Intermediate)

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Academic Writing 503 H(3-0)

Academic Writing for Specialized Audiences (Advanced)

Prerequisites: Consent of the Department or Faculty.


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